The Art of Bengal : Delhi Art Gallery, Mumbai

DAG or Delhi art gallery, a recent entrant on the Mumbai gallery scene is tucked away in a Kalalghoda bylane, opposite the Jewish synagogue and right at the entrance of the street heading towards Kalaghoda cafe and Trishna.

Their first exhibition is a collection of art from Bengal spanning three floors and about two hundred works..possibly more as I wasn’t counting.

It is not the Bengal school of art which was a particular style of art inspired by the nationalist movement that fused several Indian art styles to create a modern Indian aesthetic

This is the Art of Bengal which includes artists in the show who have a connection with Bengal- mostly by birth but also a sense of pride in their Bengali heritage.

There is no strict thematic curating here. Don’t expect to walk in and see the progressives or the modernists neatly divided or a floor dedicated to the contemporaries or Kalighat .

Expect to see some beautiful and rare works and discover them serendipitously.

Turn a corner and you will see a luminous Abanindranath Tagore. ‘Mother India’ was an iconic painting of its time .

Walk not a room where a tranquil Nandalal Bose shares space with Sunil Das and Rabindranath Tagore.

On other walls you will spot well known names like Ganesh Pyne and Ganesh Haloi.

See a wall of Kalighat style paintings that look amazingly modern or a beautiful portrait of lady by an anonymous artist int he nineteenth century.

A lust worthy coffee table book featuring all the works is available at the gallery.

The exhibition is on until March -do see it if you are in town .

kalighat 2jogen choudhryjamoni roywoman betel leafabindranath tagorebengal art catsnanadlal bosebengal famine

krishn radha

dharmanendu sengupta

3 Comments Add yours

  1. coralcrue says:

    I love painting. And love adoring works of art. Thanks for putting up all the pics in here. Love oil paintings the most. Somehow never tried to work on my passion for it and just let it slide. Who knows…maybe I will revive it as a career some day. 🙂

    1. Geeta Rao says:

      after you said you followed art but didn’t have the time to visit galleries i decided there must be people who may enjoy a walkthrough of shows:) i am not an expert but i love art and i see a lot of shows .not all let you shoot sadly 😦

      1. coralcrue says:

        I do hope to get back into art again. It’s something that inside of me that needs a little bit of unlocking. Wow, i will stay tuned as and when they let you shoot. It’s so inspiring to see all kinds of work.

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