Munch& Warhol: The art of multiples

the scream munch

Edvard Munch was a Norwegian artist of the late nineteenth -early twentieth century and his work “The Scream “ is one of the world’s most recognized artworks or should be in my opinion.

warhol screamI stumbled upon this exhibition some months ago and it was interesting to see how one artist can play off against another’s iconic works. Both artists are timeless and it was a small but very precious exhibition.

Andy Warhol the modern twentieth century artist, used his experimental print screen techniques to uniquely modify Munch‘s iconic images using his signature colour separation print technique.

The scream, Self portrait, The brooch and Madonna are the four he chose to work with at Munch’s death .

Edvard Munch himself was a printer and familiar with print making techniques creating many versions and prints of his own work.

Warhol was the master of multiples.

There are about nine or perhaps seven versions of The Scream –some paintings, some pastels and some prints and lithographs made by the artist himself.

One of the paintings sold for 119 million dollars.

Experts will be able to hold forth on both the artists and there is enough reading material available on both.

I liked Warhol’s renditions of ‘The Brooch’ the most.  I felt The Scream didn’t need any more colour .

I wish I could offer some deep and intellectual reason why but I can’t.

munch nude
Munch Madonna
munch self portrait
Munch Self portrait
munch the brooch
Munch The brooch
warhol the brooch
Warhol The Brooch
warhol munch brooch
Warhol the Brooch
warhol four frames
Warhol Self Portrait and Madonna
warhol nude
Warhol Madonna

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  1. coralcrue says:

    The Scream really didn’t need any colour. My favourite works of art are usually those in black and white, mostly done in Charcoal too. Colour is nice but in this case can make the piece lose it’s depth. Thanks for putting these up 🙂 I love it

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