Rouge in Love : A Valentine’s day pout

lancome rouge in love duo

So I scored my two lippies for the season : Boudoir Rose and Pink Bonbon.

Both have a bit of ‘pop’ but are fresh and make your face come alive .

I was actually at the Lancome counter yesterday for a different purpose- to check and test their Dreamtone complexion corrector after I went for the launch- in case you read my last blog.

But I have been eyeing these two lipsticks from the Rouge in love collection (they are not the newest launch ) for some time.

Yesterday they called out to me and the rest is history.

80 percent of Indian women never experiment with lip colour. They wear unflattering shades of brown and maroon which actually dulls their complexion and skin tone rather than enhance it.

If you have a classic Indian skin tone and don’t like very bright colours experiment with shades of rose and coral but work with a pink and orange palette for a change. Even in lip nudes look for a little hint of pink or coral.

Rouge in Love. Price Rs 1750. Expensive ? Yes. But I did some guilt rationalizing math and figured this was the cost of ten of my extra strong Cappuccinos at Starbucks and decided to sacrifice my daily java fix for a sexy pout 🙂

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  1. indianshringar says:

    Loved the pink lippie, such a beautiful colour. I bought Rose Rendezvous which is a neutral pinky-beige. I’m in love with their Rouge in love range.

    1. Geeta Rao says:

      Hey thanks for telling me about Rose Rendezvous -I am sure it is a great neutral pink -will check it out ,
      By the way Chanel has Exuberante and Super and MAC used to have Candy Yum Yum and Chatterbox -all gorgeous variations of pink .

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