Alive : Indian Contemporary Art Auction at Saffron art

Looking forward to the Indian contemporary art preview this evening hosted by SAFFRONART a few days before their actual ALIVE auction at The Four Seasons on Saturday Feb 15th.

The appeal of contemporary art is that it is part of our collective memory and easy to understand (ok, not always) as we often share similar cultural and social memories with the artists of our generation.

I have selected a few artists from the auction list to share with you. I have followed some of them like Anju Dodiya, Surendran Nair and Jitesh Kallat through their shows over the years.

Do go to for a detailed view of all the artists in the auction, prices and for all the images. All these images are from their site.

You can also pre register to bid.

Chintan Upadhyaya
Anju Dodiya -embroidered mattress back and front
Riyas Komu
Surendran Nair
Shibu Natesan The Dancer
Sojwal Samant
Tejal Shah

One Comment Add yours

  1. coralcrue says:

    The dancer is a nice piece

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