Love is in the air

When is a fragrance a fragrance and when does it become an “olfactory poem”?

“Olfactory poems” is how luxury brand Hermes describes its Hermessence line  which is for both men and women.

If you can’t get the Birkin you can treat yourself to a fragrance 🙂

While I have put a picture of Santal Massoa from the website, do take a look at the collection. I like Vanilla Gallante and Rose Ikebana as well.

Hermes, Creed,  and Serge Lutens are known for their art of perfumery, creating exclusive fragrances that are luxurious,elegant and stand apart in a crowd.

Creed has been in business  since 1760 . Have a look at Love in White when you go onto the site. As well as  a very tempting range for men .

Serge Lutens is a legend in the beauty world. These distinct bell shaped bottles are works of art and they look better in  the videos on the website.

Tuberose Crimenelle and Borneo are two of his other offerings you should check out.

Maybe I am a sucker for good copy but I urge you to explore these seductive brand stories online and buy yourself one of these fragrances if not today then some day special .

Creed Love in Black
Creed Love in BlackSantal-Masso_a


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