Is your beauty brand talking to you ?

soap and glory foam

I like it when a beauty brand talks to me without fake posturing and uses its packaging smartly to share its brand story.

They are fun and honest and I don’t mean the ‘honesty’ where cellulite and dark circles are elevated to some post modern, post feminist, self esteem nurturing level which ironically sounds really fake.

Love  Soap& Glory’s play on ‘Foam call’ and ‘Foam alone’. The brand is now available in India .

Purity by Philosophy I admit is taking itself too a little too seriously for a face wash but I like the way Philosophy names and designs its range- check out Hope in a Jar and Time after Time

purity by philosophy

I like the Bliss spa’s Fat Girl Slim and Fat Girl six pack line just for the name but Bliss spa is  known for its super spa treatments especially their custom designed facials .

Go to their website to discover quirky slim and tone products and new boutique brands like supergoop!

bliss fat girl close up

I couldn’t include my favorite quirky lot Benefit cosmetics as I didn’t have good pictures but  their website is bound to bring a smile to  your face.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. coralcrue says:

    Fat girl six pack!!! oh groan!! it reminds me of the gym where I was supposed to go and start working out last month….groan..groan!! the starting is always so very hard

  2. Meenakshi says:

    So nice to see you here! Loved reading your articles in Vogue. Benefit has the cutest packaging and names- I especially like the Porefessional tubes! Though I am not a big fan of their proucts, Lush also has some innovative names…and their shops smell so, so good!

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