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Guest Blogger Aparna Gupta

I am very happy to have Aparna Gupta as my guest blogger this week. Aparna  has worked with Times of India on  the luxury vertical that is now Luxpresso. She been Contributing Beauty Editor at Verve and now freelances for L’Officiel. A self confessed fragrance junkie Aparna riffles through her fragrance files to share  the enchantment fragrances and fragrance imagery have spun around her, in the first of her guest blogs for Geeta’s List .  Enjoy the blog !

Spraying a generous whiff in the air and walking in that scented cloud, that’s my way of applying fragrances. Dramatic and indulgent, much like the magical world of perfumes themselves

My first official tryst with the enchanting world of fragrances was at the launch of Nina Ricci  ‘Nina’.  Not only did the apple shaped bottle entice me, the modern fairy tale of ‘Nina’ stirred once again the little girl in me, who loved fairy tales, and its candied notes made sure that I could escape into the realm of fantasy, even ephemerally.

Nina is an ‘imaginary’ princess exploring her dream spaces and secret desires . Here’s the link to the first Nina TVC

Nina Model & Pack shot (1)

The latest, Nina L’Eau, has grapefruit, mandarin, neroli top notes and a surprisingly aquatic accord. The image conjures up the modern day princess who finds herself in a sprawling Parisian apartment where every hanging mirror is an invitation to step through the other side, to fall into the quest for the most beautiful dream.  See the film with all its magical mirrors here

If you would like to delve further into the notes, watch this link where fairies whip up the  fragrant L’Eau potion

As the juice gets reinvented so does Nina. Played by supermodel Frida Gustavsson, the modern day princess becomes bolder, assertive and adventurous as she enters the forbidden other world of dreams through a looking glass.

And Nina is not an exception.

My next stop in the enchanting wonderland of fragrances is at the dream-like landscape created by Lolita Lempicka

Just as her princess-gowns and creations draw inspiration from the fairy tales that enchanted her as a girl,  her bold and poetic fragrances evoke the same world . “I drew on my distant memories to recreate this intense moment when a girl is waiting to become a woman,” Lolita Lempicka famously said about her first fragrance which went on to become a best seller.


Housed in an exquisite mauve and gold apple shaped flacon, this opulent oriental fragrance resonates with liquorice notes combined with aniseed, ivy, violet and tonka Bean with a trail of cherry, vanilla and praline.


Whether it is the later L or Si, Lolita’s heroines (fragrances) are insanely soft, dangerously feminine and beautifully wild. What caught my imagination was the breathtaking watery artistic visual of L, loosely inspired by story of little mermaid. It captures a moment  suspended between reverie and reality, desire and surrender.

At the first whiff, I found the notes of vanilla and tonka bean a bit overwhelming but as I caressed the precious aquamarine bottle,  the fragrance grew on me. Maybe it was the packaging but I was convinced that I also liked the hint of spicy cinnamon and musk as it mingled with orange and bergamot.

All of Lolita’s bottles transport you into a sensual, dramatic world and are keepers on the dressing table.

Carolina Herrera_CH L'Eau_Visual (1)Just one look at the ad visual of  gorgeous designer Carolina Herrara’s CH L’Eau and I could connect with its name and core emotion… ‘Happy’.

A very flower-oriented person myself, I felt compelled to try it out just looking at its ad visual, which was a simple shot of a girl holding a lavish bouquet bursts with petals and flowers of every shade and shape.

Even though you can’t see her face there is something about the way her dress dances and the colourful flowers swaying  in breeze, that takes me  me into a bright, girlie zone. True to its concept, the fragrance encompasses the most abundant floral bouquet, it is a light enchanting powdery floral with roses , jasmine,freesias and violets.

 Though it’s not my interview scent or the scent I whiff before a dinner date, it is something I wear to a brunch date with my girlfriends or when I am comfortable to be just me.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is  the more modern  CH with its sophisticated leather casing and confident model. 



CH  was created by Adriana Carolina, Herrera’s daughter. The ad campaign, shot by Tim Walker, featuring model Lisa Cant, offers a vision of  couture and fairy tale, where the heroine is sitting next to her vanity dresser, extravagantly surrounded by the CH bottles, taking a moment to admire herself in the mirror, before she slips into the opulent red gown and becomes a modern day princess.

See the film  here

I felt an instant connect with this refreshing oriental floral fragrance that had it all within its fold – fresh citrusy notes, floral and spicy heart and a sexy trail of leather, woods and musk.  “I still have many experiences to live and new scents to discover, even though part of me still feels like the little girl who never grew up, going back to the stories of her childhood to rediscover the essence of purity,” shared Adriana in her press note and her lines have stayed with me.

In the world of fragrances, there is more than just what meets the nose, it is also about the story that connects to your heart.


Geeta’s note

I couldn’t resist adding this beautiful visual I spotted online for Dior’s new fragrance Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet shot by the master of Fairy tales Tim Walker – What is Natalie Portman  thinking I wonder sitting holding a flower, dressed in a gem encrusted gown ?



7 Comments Add yours

  1. Titir P says:

    The opening lines are so true, brought back some cherished college memories of us sashaying through a haze of exquisite fragrance (thats how I was taught to wear perfume by a dear friend 🙂 Nina happens to be my all time fave, though I like CH too. Kudos Aparna for penning it down so beautifully.

  2. mommybegins says:

    Hi, I Love what you are doing, your posts and I have nominated this blog for the Liebster Award for bloggers. But you need to also further nominate your fav blogs. Read about rules here.

    And keep updating the blog….

    1. Geeta Rao says:

      thank you so much mommy begins:) will follow the rules but very touched that you are nominating geetaslist for the Liebster Awards

      1. mommybegins says:

        🙂 your blogs show me what I look for in products as a woman (when not playing mommy)

  3. Rachana Mohanan says:

    I felt transported to a completely different realm; and who can deny the charm of a fairyland and princesses. I have experimented with Nina Ricci’s fragrance and I loved the it. I agree with Aparna about the visual impact of CH “Happy”, It’s vibrant and though I have not had the opportunity to try it. I also love Thierry Mugler “Angel”. Lovely article Aparna, looking forward to many such escapades into luxurious living, one can always dream……..

    1. Geeta Rao says:

      thanks rachna for that lovely comment 🙂

  4. veengupta says:

    What a great analysis of the feelings evoked by fragrances we have used over the years.
    Aromas have always been important in our lives. From simple flower essences to the range of new ones that heal, cure and create moods, we associate feelings with many.
    When we read the story built around a new fragrance it is exciting to discover what effect it has. Usually uplifting notes are welcome for the feel-good factor.

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