Lancome DreamTone : The review

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So I have used Lancôme’s Dreamtone dark spot corrector and complexion creator for exactly thirty days today and here’s my take.

The packaging:  Distinctive with a slickly shaped bottle and nozzle. It is not a transparent bottle (that’s probably to keep the product stable) so you really can’t see the serum or tell how much is left in the bottle and when you need a refill. You need two pumps max per usage.

There are three complexion levels you can choose from – 1 for fair skin, 2 for medium skin and 3 for dark skin. I take level 3 for dark skin

Price: Rs 5000


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The claim

Ultimate dark spot corrector and beautiful skin tone creator.

It has ‘ triple action technology’ that works on oxidative stress, homeostasis and melanin synthesis-the things that cause the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation.

What I am trying to fix

I have patch of dark pigmentation on my cheekbones a by-product of a trip to Ladakh and the strong Ladakh sun. I don’t expect this to get fixed but I hope it will get lighter.

I also have a couple of  mini dark spots and a very recent dark line across my nose caused by my glasses.

Perfect skin conditions for testing the claim 🙂

First squirt

It’s a serum like product but it’s a strange pink that’s reminiscent of lacto calamine.

It is slightly pearlised so you do get a healthy ‘tint’ if you are using No 3 and I am told a peachy tint if you use No 2.

It is not a tinted product but has color pigments and light diffusers to give you a little optical pick me up every time you use it.

It has a pleasant smell but I just don’t think a high-end skin care product should have fragrance.


Goes on smoothly and gets absorbed easily but I miss the hydrated feel you get from some other serums. I am comparing it to Clarins Double serum here, Estee’s ANR or even Lancôme’s Visonnaire

I used it everyday – under my sunscreen and compact for the day and under my night cream at night.

After two weeks

The dark spots and pigmentation looked the same but I did notice my face looked brighter overall in the mornings.

Three weeks later

My skin definitely appeared brighter and ‘cleaner’  ( my skin cells had probably turned around faster). I noticed it most when I woke up but my sunscreen and compact lasted longer during the day which meant my skin condition was better.  The dark spots didn’t seem to have corrected in any way .

One month later

My overall skin condition is definitely better but that would have been the case if I had used any high end serum with the same discipline.

Sadly my pigmentation and spots are exactly where we left them. Even the ‘specs’ mark across my nose has not changed:(

Since I was testing specifically for these I have to say honestly it hasn’t done the job for me.

I will continue it as long as the bottle lasts and hope. Sometimes products work very slowly and then accelerate as the skin gets all the biological messages they beam out.

 My personal opinion is that you need a battery of products to tackle skin tone and pigmentation /dark spots all in one . Try Lancome’s Genefique serum, Blanc expert spot lightening whitening lotion, and Dreamtone in a combination regime

dreamtone group

Other products you can try :

Clinique’s Even Better Dark spot reducer which is a targeted product.

Estee Lauders Even skin tone Skin illuminator has salicylic acid which  accelerates cell turnover .

Visonnaire by Lancome works on open pores and rough texture so it will give you an even tone too.

Dior has just launched Capture one Totale Dream skin complexion  corrector though I haven’t seen it here .

Forest Essentials Saundarya serum works on overall dryness and skin tone.

Pure vitamin C will lighten pigmentation but it can make skin sun sensitive.

Hydroquinone which is proven to lighten pigmentation is banned in some places and has side effects if taken in a high strength.

Both these should be used on dermatologist advice only.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. coralcrue says:

    So, you have saved me 5 quid. I want to try Kiehl’s next.
    Nice dissection of the serum.

    1. Geeta Rao says:

      thanks for the speedy response. Your mails always always inspire me to write the next blog and the next one 🙂

      1. coralcrue says:

        You are an excellent writer and your posts are always power packed with real information. 🙂

  2. Namrata Nandan says:

    Hey Geeta 🙂 great review and perfect detailing as always. Was thinking of trying this. But think will stick with Vissionaire and Genefique. Both have been great for my skin.
    And a coffee is now due 🙂

    1. Geeta Rao says:

      thank you Nam. i am really happy when i get feedback as I am never sure if people are reading or sharing. ps a coffee is due whenever you say so:)

  3. sadaf says:

    I want to knw the best suited lipsticks for wheatish skin tone! Yur reviews abt evry product are fantastic and totally reliable.. i was abt to buy the lancome miracle bottle but now i thnk il invest in somethng bettr! Thankyou so much 🙂

    1. Geeta Rao says:

      thank you sadaf for your lovely comment – i am always inspired when people write back to me 🙂 try Mac’s Chatterbox if you like a bright pop of lipstick or Lakme’s Power addict for a fresh pink-peach.Any shade of coral works well on wheat complexions

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