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She’s back.

After her wildly popular last fragrance blog The Enchanted Fragrance Garden, guest blogger Aparrna Gupta is back.

This time she has research facts and data on what men really like about a woman’s scent.

As part of her research Aparrna spoke to 50 men -she spoke to fighter pilots, investment bankers, real estate pros, photographers and cretaive directors to came up with her inimitable insights in ‘When a man lusts a woman.’

It’s a great gifting guide for anyone looking for fragrances to buy as well.

Face it we don’t want to pander to male egos but we love them when they are besotted and smitten. And a little fragrance won’t harm the equation. profile pix guru

Recently a friend called up asking for the perfect scent that would make her date go weak in the knees, maybe lean in a bit closer to get a whiff of her and it set me thinking

Does your fragrance really make your man go crazy ? Most advertisements of fragrances would definitely have us believe that scents and sensuality are intrinsically linked.

A fragrance is designed to uplift our mood, transporting us to magical destinations, scented gardens, beach holidays or enchanted woods, depending on its notes. It is an invisible tool used to draw people towards you.

But when it comes to men I thought I should hear it from men themselves.

So I spoke to about 50 interesting men from fighter pilots, investment bankers, creative directors, real estate agents, consultants, publicists, communication managers and professional photographers, to figure out what scents men like on women.

Results varied in terms of brands mentioned, but were quite similar in terms of what they would like to smell.

Unlike women, most men let their noses take a backseat. It only turns into a “favorite” scent, for them, when they get really attached to a woman.

My dear friend, officer in the Royal Air Force, Neil Jones sums it all in a sentence, “Perfumes for me are linked to the woman. My wife Louise could wear almost anything and I’d like it!”

(Editor’s note:Good to know air force officers make such loyal spouses-Lucky Louise ☺ )

In a nutshell, the Aparrna –analytics .

As exciting as leaving a strong fragrant trail sounds, more often than hypnotizing, it’s annoying.

A fragrance shouldn’t shout. It should whisper. It should not invade somebody’s olfactory space, but gently knock at its door indicating your arrival.

I found strong-willed, adventurous men, who appreciate space in their personal relationships, don’t like their olfactory space being attacked by cloying fragrances.

As a participant said, “Even though it may smell good, when someone walks into an elevator and the scent is too strong I feel like I am in a perfume store.”

Often it isn’t about the kind of scent but how it is applied. When wearing addictive fragrances like Guerlain Shalimar, Mugler Womanity or Dior Hypnotic, the trick lies in wearing it light. Often our noses often get desensitized to our favourite fragrances and we commit the mistake of applying it way too much.

guerlain - shalimar

Spray, and walk inside a cloud of fragrance letting the fragrance mist your skin and hair.

My picks : Love, Chloe by Chloe that smells of tender violets, and Elie Saab Eau de Parfum with gardenia, jasmine and orange blossoms is a pleasant, happy day time scent.

Instead of floral bouquets or cupcakes, men are more taken in by fresh aquatic scents with watery accents of water lily, hyacinth, reminiscent of a refreshing sea breeze.

Most of the men used the word clean and crisp to describe the kind of scents they liked. “I like it when women smell like dew drop on a leaf.”

Aquatic scents smell earthy of sun-kissed skin deliciously moistened by the salty sea breeze. The picture you get is of a Mediterranean, Carribbean or a Goa beach holiday.

It’s evocative of bare skin on sand and with the graphic way a man’s mind works, what’s not to like in this.

EI EDT LOTUS 2014_90ml+pack_RGB Web_2000px_300dpi

My picks : The soon to be launched, L’Eau d Issey Lotus resonates with the earthy, green and watery notes. Delicate and transparent with a green twist, this smells like lush spring morning dew.

Or floral-fresh, rose-y Davidoff Sea Rose, light and breezy D&G Light Blue, and citrusy fresh Guerlain Aqua Allergora Nerolia Bianca

Sugar is nice but –he likes to be surprised with a hint of fire and spice

A dash of spice? Think pepper. A woody trail? Look for cedarwood, sandalwood. Smell of cut grass? Vetiver. Addictive? Musk. The mere imagery is loaded with innuendoes. Scents perfect for an intimate dinner date.

Men don’t like boring, wearing something wildly addictive will pique his interest and intrigue him.


My picks : Narciso Rodriguez L’Eau, with soft musk at its heart is meant to be noticed. Bulgari’s latest Omnia Garnet attracts with leathery-fruity smell of Indian tuberose with a lingering amber trail. Or think woody -spicy 212 Summer

He likes you to smell manly..for him

Its like the boyfriend jacket or the boyfriend shirt -men get turned on when you stake a claim on his territory. For Him, On Her.

Confident, fun loving and flirtatious guys quite like masculine spicy, aquatic scents flirting with women’s delicate skin.

“Typical sweet feminine fragrances give me a headache. I feel Chanel’s Allure, Issey Miyake Intense (for men) and CK Eternity (for men) smell brilliant on women.” says one of my respondents.


Try: It smells great on a man but With Cedarwood ,white musks, spicy hints of pepper and coriander, Azzaro Chrome United, is an addictive cocktail that smells surprisingly delicate on a woman’s skin.

Also try airy D’Squared potion Blue Cadet and Issey Pour Hmme.

So much for men but here’s my ‘smell-fab’ thumb rule: We don’t want to smell like a perfumed garden, candy shop or canned juice. We want to smell human but divinely so.

Don’t go by how a perfume smells, rather go by how it makes you feel.

Concentrate on emotions it stirs – happy, confident, sexy, relaxed, carefree, ecstatic and euphoric. Match the emotions to the place/occasion (Confident- job interview, date – happy/sexy/confident, depends on what you want to be that day) and you will get what you desire from a fragrance.

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  1. swati says:

    would love to know more about fruity fragrances , like which are the best ones…does ones own chemistry add / subtract a lot ?
    thanks for this ..quite helpful!

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