Provence with L’Occitane

I always enjoy dropping in at the L’Occitane store. It brings the whiff of Provence with it. Its ingredients, many organic, are sourced and grown in fields around Provence.

There is lemony verbena whose fields seem to scent all the roads around, calming lavender and almond oil from Haute Provence, ultra hydrating angelica from the villages in the Drome de Collines and of course the immortelle flower which forms the base of its cult Divine cream sourced from Corsica.

Corsica for me is associated with memories of never getting there as I stood at the Nice harbour one summer and realized I had missed the ferry going to the island. Badly constructed sentence but I am sure you get the point.

If you are a history buff then you will know this was Napoleon’s birthplace.

If you are in the South of France you can also see the factory and the L’Occitane museum and giant store in Monasque near Aix au Provence ( that’s where the artist Cezanne had his studio which is also open to the public)

It is a good sign when brands let people walk through their factories and see for themselves how their creams and lotions are made.

However this time I was at the Palladium store to experience the new Immortelle concealer at an event hosted by fashion stylist and commentator Pearl Shah.

It is in a convenient to use click pen. It looked too light for my skin tone at first glance but it blends in really well.

If you are a serious concelaer user don’t expect the coverage of a heavier concealer but it will leave the area around the eyes dewy and luminous.

Here are some of my picks at the store.

loccitane almond

Almond shower oil is perfect for very dry skin even those with dry skin in summer.


My Verbena shower gel -I love the smell.

angelica range

Angelica known for its hydrating qualities is part of an entire range from bath gel to a hydrating mask and face cream.

immortelle eye cream

Immortelle eye cream and mask

imorteelle trial

This is the Immortelle Concealer which I tried so you can see the mess at the counter 🙂 Price Rs 3900 approx

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