Lisa Eldridge-Make up master

lisa elridge for chanel

I love this picture that demonstrates how you can wear summer looks without going top to toe pastel or bland. Amp up the nails when the lips are muted and matte. Or vice versa. What a simple shift. We tend to downplay eyes and play up lips or the other ways round.Though I admit to amping up both on occaison often the wrong occasion:)

This Lisa Eldridge for Chanel’s digital magazine Make up confidential where Lisa creates beauty content of this stunning kind.

Lisa Eldridge is a well known make up artist whose bio reads like a Hollywood and brand who’s who. She has collaborated with make up brand Shiseido and is Creative director for Boots no 7.

She has made up Beautiful people like like Sandra Bullock,Cate Blanchett,Jada Pinkett, Cara Delevigne, Daphne Guiness but the list is long enough to get posted in alphabetical order on her website.

She has her own column The beauty guru with Elle UK.

It is her fabulous mastery over social media and the digital space that makes her accessible to all of us. Her tweets are up to speed and up to the minute @Lisa_Eldridge.

On You tube she demonstrates everything on herself and simplifies the most professional beauty looks.

It is actually very difficult to follow make up videos when they are being shown on someone else at least for me.
When someone demonstrates on themselves it is a much more intimate and interactive experience.

My favorites have been her foundation and concealer tutorials and her cat’s eye tutorial.

Anyone interested in amping up their make up expertise please go to

I really want to know how she manages to pack in so much into her life- besides her beauty tutorials I think I may want a time management tutorial from Lisa too.

I am happy to say that I collaborated on one shoot where Lisa was the make up artist. It was a big hair story that I was working on for Vogue with hair guru Sam Mcknight and Photographer.and art director Robin Derrick.

The shoot so many years later still looks fresh and contemporary.

As I said it was a hair story so we didn’t want make up to distract and I love the way Lisa just added that little touch of the minx using winged liner to an otherwise skillfully done nude and “innocent of make up” face.

lisa 2

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