After Bollywood, Louboutin heads to ‘Shaadi’-wood

louboutin shoe

loubotin invite croppedPlanning the Big Fat indian wedding anytime soon? Add this to your wedding to -do list .

Bespoke Louboutins for Him and Her and His mother and Her mother and Her sisters and His brothers and so on in whatever multiples you want to order.

Shoes that will be created to match your trousseau or your jadau jewellery or even the mehendi pattern you are planning for the big day. You can also have your name embroidered on for the final custom made touch if you want it.

In materials so beautiful you may want to shorten the length of the wedding lehenga to show the shoes off.

Head for Louboutin’s Wedding Suite. The service is now available and you can make an appointment.

Loboutin’s red soles are a Hollywood and Bollywood staple.

Louboutin himself has a secret Bollywood fetish which he has translated into two hugely successful collections inspired by Bollywood bling ,

Indian weddings are but a short step away from Bollywood. The Indian Wedding industry is a vibrant industry that comes to life between September and January every year.

I am sure my friend Parthip Thyagarajan of will agree that Indian weddings are an industry in themselves. Not just in India.

The Wedding suite is on the upper floor of Louboutin’s Flagship Mumbai store in a heritage building at Horniman Circle.

It is an elegant space overlooking an old wrought iron balcony .

A drop down table has been set up to display the lehenga or saree or drapes that need to be matched and the store team will mx and match, show you exquisite hand embroidered borders, references and inspiration boards to help choose your own design.

The possibilities are amazing.

Just one helpful hint for the North indian groom -since the poor groom gets his shoes stolen ‘officially’ in North Indian weddings I recommend you skip the bespoke design for just this ceremony.

loubotin men dragon

ps the shoes I have shown are not ‘bespoke’ shoes -they are part of the collection at the store and are pictures i had shot at the store earlier.

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