One day Raw Pressery Juice detox

raw juices six

I tried a one-day juice detox from the relatively new Raw Pressery in Mumbai.

I have tried a lot of the Odwalla juices in the US (Steve Jobs was a big fan) but never been a great fan of juicing.

There are pros and cons of juicing .

1. Juicing removes fibre, which is essential when you have natural sugars as fibre prevents sugar spikes. Keep that in mind if you are diabetic.

2. You get a lot of concentrated fruit juice, which is loaded with natural sugar. This has been my biggest issue with American style juicing

3. Ayurveda does not recommend mixing of fruit and vegetable juices .The reason is that the stomach enzymes break them down differently and can cause bloating while this is happening.

4. In the US this has become a fad for accelerating weight loss (ask the Hollywood stars) and as a substitute for eating fruits and veggies. This cannot be a substitute or a permanent weight loss programme so don’t approach it that way.

But I do think the body needs a break and some rest.

For a person like me whose healthy lifestyle takes place more in the mind than reality this was an idiot-proof way of starting a detox conveniently .

Raw Pressery has cold pressed juices, which I am told is a good thing as heat generated by traditional blenders can break down vegetable enzymes in a bad way.

They have tied up with Mumbai’s dabbawallas who are a Harvard business school case study for back end logistics so my six pack juice set juice was delivered at six am.

Each is 400 ml and has its time slot printed on the bottle.

trim juice
TRIM 9am : Spinach ,kale,celery,green apple,ginger,lemon .Tasted great !

run juice


beet juice

sheiled juice

glow juice

build juice
Last one – loved the combination of almond and sea-salt. Kitkat sulking at the back because he wasn’t allowed to taste .

My take:

If you are looking for a short detox once a week /month this is a really good way to start.

Giving one’s body a rest from its usual food processing is a good idea.

Its also a good idea to give your mind a break from planning what you will eat next .

The convenience of having your set of six delivered to your doorstep is unbeatable.

One day of extra natural sugar won’t harm you, as you are not eating anything else.

I felt very energized except for a mild headache around three pm.

I slept really well after the last juice had been consumed at nine thirty. I say this because I noticed the quality of my sleep was better.

I didn’t feel hungry so that tells me a lot of my regular eating is greed or habit.I didn’t wake up hungry the next morning either.

The juices are every easy to drink and tasty but I did think the juices were little too sweet. I would have preferred one more bitter and green juice added to the mix.

The two pm carrot, beet and apple juice was bit excessive for me –this was a sugar load.

I would recommend they add pomegranate and jamun juice to the mix . For some reason these don’t cause sugar spikes and are often recommended as a tonic.

Having said that I will recommend a one day juice detox and I like the way Raw Pressery has structured the service.

Try it and see how it reflects your own relationship with food.

I have decided to try the three day juice detox next because I think that will kick in the effects better.

For more details :

One day detox six juices : Rs 1500

2 Comments Add yours

  1. coralcrue says:

    This article I really love. I drink carrot juice almost every morning when i wake up after my three glasses of water. it has helped me so much. am so stunned that there is a system like this in Mumbai!! too cool. and the variety on offer is also great. i think your suggestion should be taken up by them- pomegranate and jamun would be just amazing!!!

  2. veengupta says:

    Great to hear that this is available for a quick detox.
    I love the fact that anybody can do this without the major problems of sourcing and juicing. Must try.

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