Kiehl’s Micro -Blur skin perfector

kiehls micr blur

I am on day 5 of using Kiehl’s newly launched Micro -blur skin perfector.

I like Kiehl’s products though some don’t do it for me like their star selling Clearly Corrective Dark spot Solution

By now all my blog readers know about my hyperpigementation issues☺

But I like their Midnight recovery serum, which is ultra soothing, and their Sunflower hair range.

Micro blur is a strange hybrid.

The thing with hybrid products is deciding where you fit them into your beauty routine.

It isn’t primer though it offers you the benefits of a primer – a refined finish to the face, a pre make up prep.

It isn’t a BB cream though it corrects and heals.

It isn’t positioned as a pore minimizer even though that is one of the big benefits.

It is called a ‘lightweight skin smoother.’

But its ingredients intrigued me enough to try it.
It has Lipohydroxy acids, lentil extracts and barks extracts.

LHA’s are the new hydroxy acids in the beauty business.

We have gushed over alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids, and salicylic acids.

The big thing about LHA’s is that they are more lipidic so they unblock pores and make cells turn around faster without making skin sensitive or stripping it. That works for acne prone skin as well.

Lentil extracts take me to Ayurveda.

Indian traditional remedies always suggest green moong daal paste to tigthen skin and keep it radiant. That’s something the Kiehl’s experts have discovered too.

Bark extracts have natural hydroxy acids and are anti microbial and soothe the skin.

I decided to let go of my CC cream and use this as a substitute although it has no coverage.

Three days into usage I liked the product enough to resolve buy a tube at the counter.

Here are my immediate reactions:

It has a slightly yellow color that isn’t great but it goes on transparently.

It won’t give you coverage but what it does is that it cunningly blurs out blemishes so overall your skin looks better.

It goes on smoothly and keeps skin matte and has enough opticals (possibly silica) to give your face a soft look, blurring out lines and blemishes. That’s why I said it behaves like a primer.

It has no SPF so I used it over my sunscreen.

I tried it first without any compact or powder touch up and it held well in Mumbai’s humidity.

It has a mattifying effect, as it is oil free and paraben free. Pure primers can give you an oily shine.

Yes, pores do look minimized. ‘Look’ is the key word as nothing really reverses open pores.

But it’s nice not to have your face melting and oily and feel you have not clogged your pores.

I then tried it with a touch of compact and that worked even better.

I have worn it for five days- twice in non-ac cabs and it has held up.

The claim is that after four weeks your bare skin will actually look and feel better with a visible diminishing of pores.

I haven’t used it that long but right now the opticals are working for me and the lightweight texture is certainly a plus in the heat. It’s lighter than my cc cream.

I fitted it in as a CC cream substitute.

If you are looking for more coverage you can use your foundation or concealer over it.

If you want a pure primer try Urban Decay or YSL Beauty

If you want a really good BB cream try Boscia’s oil free one.

If you want a bit of both try this one –It does a good job.

Price: Rs 2500

2 Comments Add yours

  1. MommyBegins says:

    im using this one too. just bought, and applied just once

    1. Geeta Rao says:

      great -let me know how it works for you

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