The Spa @ Mumbai’s Palladium Hotel

the spa palladium logo

lamps palladium

I was invited to try this spa when it was the Shangri-la’s Chi spa but couldn’t make it then.
It has now been renamed The Spa at Palladium and I am here to try out their signature sixty minute Aromatherapy Nodal massage.

I am led down a dimly lit corridor to my treatment room which is quiet and well equipped. It has its own tub, a private locker, changing room, bathroom, shower and steam room. Its always convenient if you don’t want to use the common changing area.

Double Spa Bed @ The Spa - Palladium Hotel, Mumbai

I fall in love with the bathrobe I am handed .It is  cuddly and light, made out of some kind of crocheted cotton. I have a thing about hotels and bathrobes even though you keep the robe off most of the time, in a spa treatment . But they are always too large and too bulky for women especially short women. You end up waddling around like a polar bear. The Palladium scores in my book. The bathrobe is still too long but it isn’t five kilos of bathrobe and the material is lovely.

The Spa uses Breathe relaxing oiled for the massage. This is a locally sourced organic brand and has a good selection of oils. The therapist lets me choose the aroma that attracts me the most. I choose the green bottle, which turns out to be the balancing oil so I presume that is what my body is asking for.

palladium oils

Moite is my masseur and she has a sure firm touch. I tell her to concentrate on my feet. This is a good test of a masseur’s skills. Most tend to use too much force on the pressure points at the feet trying to force the pressure out instead of letting the meridians release pressure.
I also ask her to work on my classic ‘laptop’ neck. I spend hours on the laptop in all the wrong postures. It is another way to check that the masseur can handle the neck placement and move it from hand to hand without causing a whiplash (ok that’s an exaggeration but the neck is delicate) and still work on the knots and stiffness.
The massage seems a mix of pressure point and deep tissue and I feel my stiff neck and feet open out. Moite is definitely an experienced therapist.
Strangely she tells me I need to drink green tea regularly to easy away knots. I am not sure how it will help but resolve to try.
I opt to have an in room steam and shower. But there is a fully equipped wet area with a plunge pool/Jacuzzi if you prefer it and the blow driers are there.
The spa also uses Ila products for their facials, which is an organic Australian brand, but facials need to be reviewed separately.
ila products

After that I make my way through the lobby with its grand staircase and piano player and head into The Palladium mall for a bit of retail therapy.

palladium piano

Overall: I recommend the massage. It was extremely relaxing and yet it eased off all my hidden pressure and stiffness. I would have preferred it to be ninety minutes. This isn’t just being greedy – a good body massage needs that kind of time for you to totally relax into it. Plus I would have preferred a little head massage as part of it. OK that’s being greedy:)

Price Rs 4000 for sixty minutes plus relevant taxes
You can also try:

The 90-minute SpaTime body massage at The Four Seasons Hotel 

I  enjoy this massage because it gives you a full ninety minutes for the price of a sixty minute massage. But that’s not not the only reason. It is a good  massage. They also have Australian brand Sodashi’s spa treatments  and Aromatherapy Associates products. The post- massage, candle lit, calm meditative relaxation room is a real bonus before you get back to urban stress. Keep an extra hour to enjoy the post massage wet area facilities.
Sadly they fail the bathrobe test –too heavy for me and I always trip over my robe or have it open up for full public view.

Price Rs 5500 plus relevant taxes

Pehelwaan Maalish at Taj Jiva Grande spa, Wellington mews/Taj Vivanta President

By now I have tried most of the treatments at the Jiva spa but this one remains an old favourite. Get ready for an Indian style wrestlers’ pounding, after you have the traditional Jiva welcome of shloka chanting and lit diyas. They use their own oils and powders which are all very traditional and therapeutic. Perfect for the days you need some tough love.
Bathrobes get full marks. Light, organic, breathable and short enough for me .

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