Lancome’s Air de Teint, Luxury Ayurveda and Chanel’s Le Lift

The Mumbai monsoons are usually a slow time for the beauty business but I already have a backlog of new events, new products and news to report.


lancome air de teintLancôme’s Air de Teint gets a thumbs up from me. If you remember from an earlier blog and tweet I went for the launch of this new foundation (They call it a fluid perfector) over a month ago but haven’t been able to try it and review it until now.

I have spent most of last year just trying out all the new hybrids and Cc creams so foundation hasn’t figured on my table.

But frankly if you want a really finished look and that glamour you need foundation.

I liked Lancôme’s Teint Miracle, which was a big launch in 2010. While it had good coverage and worked really well at photo ops it was a bit heavy.

Air de Teint compares favorably with my go -to favorite Chanel’s Vita Lumiere Aqua. Air de Teint is light and has a slightly matte finish so it lasts well through the day. I had it on for over eight hours yesterday and it stayed in place with no touch up. It has Spf 15 and uses the now ubiquitous blur technology that seems to be part of all new make up offerings .

The claim is that the spun powder that forms the base of the foundation is 25 times lighter than the one found in conventional foundation. Hence the “air” nomenclature. I have no way to verify this claim but it does feel very light on the skin.

I bought 035 for my skin tone and it blends well into my natural colour. It has medium coverage.

The only drawback -the dropper dispenser, which I am not, used to and find difficult to manage. Plus it is a bit runny so you have to master the art of putting it on very quickly -the dot and blend style doesn’t work.

Price Rs 3100. 

Ayururveda has been on my mind for a variety of reasons. I have just returned from a seven-day body rejuvenation programme at a small ayurveda centre in a village in Kerala (more in my next blog) and have had long discussions on ayureda with various people over the last few months.

While Ayurveda is a system of medicine and has rigorous therapies, it also has a well-documented branch of anti aging. So there is a lot on offer in skin care and maintenance.

Spa Ceylon and Just herbs are two Luxury Ayurveda brands that have launched recently.

Spa Ceylon is a well known Sri Lankan brand and has its own chain of spas and boutique stores in Sri Lanka. They have only launched the product boutique in Mumbai but their incense infused store at Linking road has a lot to offer. Their products are chemical and cruelty free and if you buy their aloe vera products you will be supporting a rural harvesting community in Kalpetiya, Sri Lanka.

Try their tridoshic sleep range or their Ceylon tea range to start with.


Just Herbs is a Chandigarh based organic brand of Luxury Ayurveda offerings. It has an Ecocert certification and products are based on authentic ayurveda recipes with ingredients like mulethi, rose, aloe vera, and neem among other ingredients.


I like the fact that they list all their ingredients and that they are paraben, sulphate and alcohol free.

I once tried a so called natural brand and found that it had parabens and mineral oil on its ingredient list! Never assume that a brand that is herbal, natural or ayurvedic is organic though if it is authentic ayurveda it should be all three.

That’s why I am impressed with the fact that Just Herbs has made the effort to get their Ecocert creds.

I haven’t seen them in Mumbai but do go online to see their entire range and order at


Epigenetics, reserveratrol12 and sirtuins may not be your usual party conversation but if you are Chanel it is likely to be, as they go back to the lab for a new product in the successful Le Lift range .This time their Le Lift serum will complement the Le Lift creams that were launched last year.

Le Lift’s Edulis extracts (canna) are at the core of the serum but it also has a patented version of reserveratrol known for its anti ageing benefits.

After Precision and Sublimage, Le Lift is likely to be Chanel’s new star in the making. Part gel, part serum the texture absorbs rapidly and gives the face a discreet ‘Le lift’.

Price Rs 10,000 approx

2 Comments Add yours

  1. indianshringar says:

    I love Vitalumiere Aqua too and was also very impressed with Air De Tent Miracle. So very tempted to buy it but since I don’t use foundation daily, I have no excuse to justify yet another foundation purchase… Sigh.

    I think I’m probably the only one who hasn’t tried Just Herbs yet. Tempting products. Shall try the scrub soon.

    1. indianshringar says:

      Btw, which is the “natural” brand that had mineral oil and Parabens? Your readers need to know so that we can avoid that brand.

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