Placenta Smoothie Anyone ?

I do believe in trying as many products and services on the blog as possible.

But I draw the line at placenta. Not mine or anyone else’s.

Considering I eat escargots and raw oysters and consume fish oil capsules this may sound hypocritical but it is a mind set thing.

However this new trend among new parents is catching on in the USA and the UK. I am told Traditional Chinese Medicine has always recommended it.

So you deliver your baby and then someone arrives with your chopped up placenta in a freezer bag and makes you a fresh smoothie with strawberries, blueberries and lots of other goodies. To give you an anti oxidant and protein boost.

pure magic juice
smoothie pix only for representational purposes

New fathers are eating it too in a spirit of solidarity.

For a true first person account read food and travel writer Nick Baines, “I ate my wife’s placenta raw and cooked in a taco”, in The Guardian

I had heard about this trend but I saw this entire process from epidural to birth to placenta consumption on a reality show called ‘Don’t Be Tardy‘ and decided to read more on this trend.

If you are iffy there are encapsulation experts who can skillfully convert your placenta into placenta capsules.

The average placenta makes about 300 capsules and you can eat the capsules along with your vitamin pills as a daily regimen.

The logic is that placenta carries so much nutrition that it can only be good for new mothers, good for post partum depression, hormonal balance and for helping you get back your energy post birth.

Umbilical Cord blood banking for babies has become popular for a similar reason. That’s where the stem cells that can regenerate red blood cells and platelets are and they can be stored until the child becomes an adult.

Every culture has its own way of dealing with the umbilical cord and placenta at birth.

Many women in the West (where the healthcare support system is supportive) are opting for natural birthing practices and looking at traditional practices once again.

Eating your placenta may seem weird but think of urine therapy which continues to be popular or pig stem cell injections for anti aging or a host of other things we eat and ingest in the name of health and wellness. It can’t be weirder than snake venom.

And if you can eat steak tartare or sashimi then your own raw placenta shouldn’t be difficult.

Sorry to be gross. Of course you must consult a doctor before making any decision. (Don’t just depend on the doctor, do your own research and reading too)

There may be bacteria or secondary infections that you may not know about –most times the placenta is tossed on the OT floor and hospitals can give you a lot of super bugs.

If your doctor or hospital can’t guarantee that the process of saving the placenta is hundred percent sterile and an immediate cold chain is available, don’t do it.


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