Hair Art


As an idea stenciling is not new. Don’t have an artistic bent –use a stencil.

But I like this interpretation of stenciling hair.

It’s so simple that I don’t need to explain it but this is from the BBlunt brochure.

BBlunt adds a little sass to things .

They have launched quite a mind boggling hair range including shampoos,styling products and extensions and I owe you a more detailed review later.

They have launched a range of temporary hair colour as well -wash off and easy to spray on. (blue, pink, copper, bronze)

It’s a fun idea for brides who don’t want to be tied down with kilos of hair jewellery and an equally fun party idea.

BBlunt is not giving away hair stencils with the hair colours but mehendi and rangoli stencils should do. Bring out your own artistic bent and spray it on.

Tip: a larger design will show up from a distance (and you want people to see your work of art don’t you? ). Delicate tendrils running through long hair may be an option.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. veengupta says:

    Really stylish and stand-apart hairstyle. But it must grow in just a few days and one would need to freshen it, I am sure.

    1. Geeta Rao says:

      not it is just sprayed on to a design stencil and you can wash it off. you hold the stencil against your hair and spray on the colour. the Bblunt hair colours are temporary.

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