cellulite busters & tummy tuckers

L’Occitane has just launched Almond Beautiful Shape , for tackling cellulite. With caffeine, quinoa,carrot oil.pepermint oil and immortelle extracts this gel has all the right ingredients to break down fatty deposits or at least the appearance of fatty deposits on hips, buttocks and thighs. (Rs 3590 approx).

While we should all be comfortable in our skin, cellulite ( that wrinkly, orange peel like stuff that suddenly appears on your thighs and hips ) should be tackled as soon as possible.

Once you get it there is no magic mantra for making it disappear whatever anyone might tell you but there are cult creams that will help reduce the appearance and give you some surface smoothness.

Some of my favorites are listed below. You can accelerate how they work by combining a caffeine rich scrub with the cellulite busting cream . One of my favorites (not here because I did not have a picture) is Rodial’s tummy tuck cream.

Bio oil which is easily available is specifically for stretch marks (different from cellulite) but also for uneven skin so combined with a massage it should work on cellulite too. I haven’t tried it so this is an educated guess.

Almond Beautiful Shape 200ml Rs.3290


clarins cellulite control

bliss fat girl close up


For an ayurvedic remedy ( my pet subject these days ) try an Udvarthana massage which is a powder based massage that exfoliates and sloughs off dead cells and moves fatty deposits. Garshana gloves used for a daily massage in the bath are also very effective. Try Forest Essentials Trishala slimming oil with a massaging action. It is a tridoshic oil and is a cellulite buster and toner.

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