The return of Kombucha

kombucha drink In the nineties everyone in Mumbai seemed to be doing two things – going to reiki class and growing “magic mushrooms” in tea and drinking it . Well the mushroom has grown up into a huge Kombucha empire and its benefits continue to be sung by Kombucha converts. Kombucha is not a real mushroom but a mix of yeast that works to ferment tea and release powerful antioxidants . For more do read Food Renegade‘s informative blog‎ . Though there is no proof of all the health benefits fermented tea can’t be bad for you. In Dharamsala I have had the Tibetan  fermented tea-Jun  while the Kashmiri Noon Chai is also fermented and mixed with salt, piste,cardamom and milk. Portlnd, Oregon where I am visiting is the place where every alternative health food story seems to unfold. Vegan and paleo restaurants abound, gluten free is de rigeur, every kind of alternative milk for the lactose intolerant and vegan is available, health food drinks and juices in spectacular unimaginable combinations area easily available. Kombucha, Keffir and Kale are the three  K’s ( more on the other two in my next blog)  that seem to be rocking the health  food aisles.  This is health food and health fad heaven – my kind of place 🙂 Kombucha drinks are occupying a huge slot on grocery store shelves along with green and other cold pressed juices. I tried Synergy’s kombucha drink with raw chia and algae. I like the fact that they mix “100% love” in to the drink. ( I am always a sucker for good copy) The combination sounded vile in an assuring way -I knew anything this green would be good for me but the taste would be awful. I was pleasantly surprised. It tasted like mild cider and the chia seeds were easy to drink up too. This particular combination  is  easier to drink than some of the cold pressed juices I have tried. I feel virtuous even if I don’t have an immediate energy rush. You can see the back of pack details and the drink in a glass . I also tried Soma -loved the Jun tea  and the coffee boocha Kombucha kombucha soma I realized the Kombucha ferments very quickly and can turn into natural alcohol so that explain the cider flavor. I had left it in the fridge for a week. It doesn’t go bad but the recommendation is that you have it very soon after you buy it. The American cold chain system seems to keep products more chilled in the store than I see in India so if you are buying a kombucha drink in India please do check dates . Kombucha is easy to grow from a mother ‘mushroom’- a yeast starter and details are available online. For more kombucha  information and raw food recipes go to Soma Evolutionary restaurant and Kombucha speakeasy -they have an FB page . This is America you can hv a speakeasy serving fermented probiotic drinks 🙂

My sister Meenakshi has a passing acquaintance with  the owner Jean Pierre and can vouch for his stuff. kombucha bopglass kombucha

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  1. veengupta says:

    Very interesting to know all this. You have really studied how liquid foods can be good for one’s health! Fermenting has been used in Indian cooking for years and definitely seems to have health benefits.
    Chia seeds I believe are the “sabza” seeds used in kulfi and falooda.

  2. coralcrue says:

    I have not seen this here in India, seen my parents using it several years ago when it was the next big thing for health 🙂 great post as always

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