Love your Leaves


Kale is a current super food – a leafy vegetable packed with dense nutritional benefits.
It has high fibre, cholesterol reducing power, is rich in antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties, is high in iron, has zero fat, is rich in omega 3, Vitamin K, Vitamin A. Yes, it also helps fight cancer.
Usually when I hear something has such fabulous qualities I tend to reach for French fries. Just kidding!
But the market has so many wonder foods that sometimes it can all become a big blur. Growing up no vegetable was a super food – we just ate two seasonal vegetables a day because they were good for us.
Kale is not native to India but we can see it at veggie markets and specialty stores.
I have only had curly kale (see picture) but there is also dinosaur kale and ornamental kale.
I am told they taste different but I think they have the same nutritional punch.
Kale doesn’t taste great (just my opinion) and it doesn’t take to Indian styles of cooking so hold the spices. But if you have a recipe with kale and Indian style cooking do let me know.
It is best had lightly steamed and in salads. I had a simple and delicious kale, apple and walnut salad with balsamic dressing recently and the green apple balanced out the slight bitterness of kale.
It is often used in juicing where it is combined with pineapple and apple and this is an easy way to get a concentrated shot. Raw Pressery does a kale,pineapple and ginger juice called ‘Trim‘.
I have also had baked kale chips and fritters but i don’t know how high the nutrition content is.
If you don’t like kale or it isn’t easily available where you live or you get bored having too much of it take heart – you can incorporate a whole lot of cruciferous veggies into your diet three times a week and still reap some of the benefits though kale seems to have the highest concentration of nutrients.
Cabbage, broccoli, romanescu, Brussels sprouts, Chinese cabbage, Pakchoy ,cauliflower and kale belong to the same cruciferous Brasica family though the concentration of nutrients may vary. Add a serving size of one and a half cups twice or three times a week into your food plan.
I was interested in reading that kale has more calcium than milk so people who are lactose intolerant but concerned about calcium may find this good news.
However if you have thyroid issues or kidney problems then you may need to check with your doctor.
Other leafy veggies you may want to include in your diet:
Amaranth or red and green chauli leaves
Methi or fresh fenugreek leaves
Indian sorrel or khatta bhaaji leaves
White or red Radish leaves

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