New launches : Hydration for dry winter skin and a gold oil massage

This is the time of the year when my inbox is flooded with news of new product launches and all the goodies for the festive season. It’s all the stuff that charges up the business of beauty and keeps us on our toes.
I have pulled out two new products that I felt sounded promising. I haven’t put them to the acid test as yet but the claims sound credible and I know both brands and their histories reasonably well.


Kiehl’s Hydro Plumping Retexturising Serum concentrate is based on technology that delivers extra hydration to dehydrated skin –the sort of age related dehydration that simple moisturisng does not take care of. In winter this shows up even more. For intense hydration, water based carries can deliver better than a cream or lotion based one. Kiehl’s has managed that technology and the challenges of stabilizing it.
The ingredients that actually do the work are plant-based glycerine, which is gentler on skin than synthetic glycerine.It also performs the dual role of locking in moisture into skin and also absorbing moisture from the environment so there is no surface depletion. It also has Shiso leaf extract that works to keep the moisture anchored within the skin. News from labs can become very technical but the reason I liked the sound of this product was that Kiehl’s has been willing to benchmark it against their own quite effective Ultra facial moisturizer and are happy to tell us that it gives you double the hydration of their own star product. More when I try it and give it the three-week test ☺
Price Rs 3950

Soundarya Beauty Body Oil 200 ml

Forest Essentials Saundarya massage oil with 24 carat gold bhasma is an extension of the Saundarya range in whole body massage oil. It has cold pressed oils and milk. Milk lipids as we all know are excellent for the skin. It also the signature Saundrya infusion of flowers and herb including gotukola and saffron . However the gold bhasma makes it a little bit more interesting as a massage oil.
Gold will give you a glow but gold has skin healing properties, which are well known and researched in Ayurveda.
Gold is an ant- inflammatory and is known to heal ulcers and blisters. It is also supposed to stimtulate collagen formation.
There is a lot of scientific research available on gold.
However gold has feature in Indian and Egyptian medical textbooks so there must be a strong reason to love it. Besides the glitter of course.
You can choose to wear all your gold for its healing properties but the Saundarya oil may help you in the present moment especially if you want an overall golden glow in the bridal season.
Do remember when it comes to skin only 24-carat gold will do.
Price Rs 2295

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