Say Yes to Intensity

Armani’s new offering Si Intense follows the success of the original Si (2013) Si means ‘yes’ in Italian and a clever copywriter has spun its mood into three smart lines- “Si to audacity, Si to passion, Si to myself.” Get the point about the Si woman ?

Having Cate Blanchett as the face of the fragrance isn’t a bad idea either. Si Intense bottle - Rs9000 for 100ml-01 si intense cooler

Si Intense is darker, more mysterious with hints of blackcurrant, vanilla absolute, freesia and rose. It’s the base notes of orcanox ( a synthetic version of amber gris ) woods, fir and patchouli that make this rounded into a stronger and ‘woodsier’ offering.

In case you need the technical classification it is called a modern chypre. I like modern chypres as they have depth as well as lingering mystery without getting into the cloying heaviness of Orientals. Chypres typically contrast fresh, fruity, citrus notes with strong musk, camphor and patchouli notes and the mix keeps tantalizing the nose. Think CK One and Dior’s Miss Dior .

I prefer Si Intense to the original Si which is a fruity floral. This may sound like blasphemy as Si is the huge success story of 2013 but I am not always in line with popular taste. I think India will take to Si Intense, as we do prefer stronger fragrances.

Si Intense reminded me vaguely of Narciso’s For Her another fragrance I love and Givenchy’s Organza (this is an oriental but I don’t find it heavy)

The bottle is inspired by hand-blown Murano glass, sealing in its Italian heritage

The fragrance opens with a strong burst of vanilla and florals and is sweet. But it intensifies into the deeper notes and lasts for a long time. It works well as a day time fragrance as it is not overpowering. Definitely worth trying.

Si Intense Eau de Parfum –Price Rs 9,000. Available at Parcos and Sephora Created by Master perfumer Christine Nagel

Armani's Fragrances for men and women  have a loyal following in India
Armani’s Fragrances for men and women have a loyal following in India

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  1. indianshringar says:

    Based on your description, I think I would also prefer Si Intense to Si. My absolute favourite fragrance from Armani is Code which is a really sensuous fragrance.

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