MILK spa – a boon for harried moms with toddlers


Milk spa and café designed by ad man Bhupal Ramnathkar is tucked away at the rear entrance of Kamala Mills , Mumbai with a recurring cat theme and an orange and black trompe d’oeil magic math kind of flooring that makes it fun and welcoming.

Let me add that the spa and café are built around a play area for kids. So kids come first.

Owner Karishma Gowani is a qualified child care specialist and the Milk concept comes from her need to find a space for kids in the city. And some time out for moms!

Karishma Gowani (1)
Milk spa and cafe owner Karishma Gowani

I am not a specialist but the kid’s zone looks very well designed with a little dining area and a kiddies menu, lots of places to jump and fall safely, lots of animals and balloons. It’s spread over 4000 sq feet and it has seven play areas.

If you are harried mom with a two year old active child then the idea of leaving the child to qualified ‘monitors’ in a play safe kids zone while you get you hair nails and massage sounds like a divine miracle.

Ask Mumbai’s young moms starved for space and time for themselves.

Full disclosure: I am not a harried mom but I have seen strong friends both male and female crumble trying to cope with the terrible twos and threes and fours – that particular moment when little angels become monsters. I am all for parents getting time out.

The spa café tilts towards Mediterranean food with a well-rounded range of smoothies and detox juices.

Millk Restaurant (2)

As for the spa – the reason I was there in the first place. It is managed by Juhu’s  Caressa spa and has a comprehensive list of treatments including Remy Laure products and facials.

It was having a few teething problems the day I was there but all the elements are in place so I have no doubt it will run smoothly.

My treatment started late. I asked for a lavender poultice treatment but the poultices didn’t reach the right temperature.The apologetic therapist Sana suggested a deep tissue massage instead and it turned out to be very good so I forgot about the delay and mix up in getting my treatment going.

I will go back and check out their hot stone massage and their gemstone massage. It’s a very convenient location and parking is not an issue.

The café has wi fi and detox juices so it’s a good place to meet up. Don’t expect hushed silence – there are happy kids running around.

While I have gone on about moms and kids, Milk is open to everyone and the spa café had a mix of young twenty something singles, a group of moms relaxing while their kids disappeared into the play zone and a couple of dads bonding while doing daddy duty on a Saturday afternoon.

Milks Spa, Café and Kids zone

Mumbai 24954455/ 9819454784

2 Comments Add yours

  1. What a unique idea and a beautifully detailed review! Good job!

    -Pranita from

  2. indianshringar says:

    Karishma is a dear friend and we all sobo moms are so glad that she has opened a play area with a spa! My boys, especially the younger one, love Millk and it is right across the astro-turf where my elder son has football class! Just perfect for me 😉 And the food is yummm too!

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