Thank you, Cosmo !

Beauty Rules_1R Beauty Rules_2R

I loved writing this letter to my younger self for a Cosmo article ‘Beauty rules’ by Navya Anand. Cosmopolitan the magazine that famously told us via Helen Gurley Brown that it was about having it all, recognizes the truth of beauty – the rules change, it is ok to have bad hair days and hell yes, there is always a way to fix beauty blues.

Never look back is a good rule to follow. On the other hand this brought back some vivid memories of chopping my hair off and a smile on my face for the nutcase I once was.

Though it may not have been the best beauty decision then ( What was I thinking !!) it has made me fearless as far as cutting off my hair and growing it back and cutting it off again is concerned.

Writing to your younger self is a healing technique often used by new age healers and psychologists. Write a letter to your hurt self, your abandoned self, your younger unsure self, your crazy wild self and you will feel yourself happier and lighter even twenty years later.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. coralcrue says:

    oh my younger self. where do i even start. *face-palm*

  2. veengupta says:

    What a lovely idea! Must explore what thoughts arise when doing such an exercise.

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