2 million rose stem cells – a V day gift to yourself

04.9 Le Sérum Absolu L'extrait HD RVB

Here’s a V-day recipe to enjoy.

Take a specially created rose- the Lancôme rose (yes, there is a rose by that name)

Cross breed it two thousand times over the years to yield the richest healthiest harvest of stem cells.

Use a process called fermogenisis that extracts stem cells gently without traumatizing them because traumatized cells we know are cells that start shutting down.

Add two million rose stem cells into a cream or serum that carries them into your dermal cells to work with them and start the process of regeneration.

Watch your skin texture change noticeably over three weeks especially if you use the oversize gold and black spatula along with the instructions for hot and cold application. (When it comes to skincare discipline is everything)

Roses have been known in India and Persia for their marvelous healing and beauty properties. Rose oil is a natural sunscreen and anti-inflammatory.

So the mix of science and nature sounds just right while the back-story is intriguing.

Lancome has worked with plant stem cells in the past with apple stem cells purportedly from the famous Swiss Utwiler Spatlauber apple (the apple that does not wither) in their Absolue Preciuos Cells cream.

The Absolue L’Extrait range has a cream, eye cream and serum concentrate.

Use one or all three to boost those millions of dermal cells.

This is Lancôme’s top end luxury offering and is targeted at the woman who knows her La Prairie from her Le Mer, as well as Lancôme’s own band of very loyal customers.

Price Rs 30,000 approx for the serum.

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  1. indianshringar says:

    It costs how much????

    Honestly, while I love Lancome makeup, it’s skincare hasn’t really worked for me. A lot of people feel that plant stemcells in skincare don’t really do anything and are just a marketing gimmick. I have, however, used a Korean cream with stemcells which truly transformed my skin. But certainly not at the price Lancome is charging! Would you buy it?

    1. Geeta Rao says:

      the cost is no different from any high end cream – la prairie gold serum is about 35000, chanel’s sublimage is about 25000, estee’s renutriv is apporx 23,000 .
      the women who buy high end creams are uncompromising and continue to buy them.
      btw cosmetic brands are not allowed to use human or animal stem cells and india now has strict labelling on non veg and veg ingredients.
      european and us brands hv very strict rules too. i think korean brands don’t have the same rules but for india they need labelling so i would check what stem cells your korean cream has.
      as to plant stem cells being a gimmick – if you can use natural plant extracts like rose oil or lavender or aloe vera then their stem cells can only be more efficacious by that logic.
      at the end of the day having a disciplined overall maintenance routine is what works.

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