At 38 Degrees the Burn is Back

Mumbai hit a high of 38 degrees ( approx 100 Degrees F ) last week so winter is definitely on its way out. Time to switch sunscreens. These are three sunscreens I have tried, tested and can defintiely recommend.

vichy cap soliel 2neutrogena baby sunscreen13_EMULSION_50+_50ml

All of these go on quite sheer, especially Vichy’s,Cap Soliel which is a mattifying fluid.

Neutrogena’s Pure & Free sunscreen has an admittedly high SPF but is as gentle as it claims – it will not sting your eyes.

However it does leave a whitish residue so you really need to wait for twenty minutes for it to absorb fully.

Avene‘s Sunstive range’s Very High Protection emulsion comes with a new dry touch formula .It is very easy to apply and does leave the skin feeling dry with no oily shine even hours later.

There are other good sunscreens but in summer you need to switch to one that has extra dry/sheer benefits to prevent oil build up or acne break out.

UVA and UVB are the two damaging rays sunscreens are supposed to protect us from.

Of these, UVA are the ones to watch out for, as those are the ageing rays that cause hyper pigmentation and sunspots.
UVB are the burning rays that cause redness, sunburn and skin peeling.

Indian skin is less prone to burning but definitely prone to sun pigmentation.

A broad-spectrum sunscreen is recommended for everyone.

Cap the SPF at 50, as any more is likely to be counterproductive.

For Indian skin SPF from 15-30 should be more than adequate as long as, here’s the catch, you replenish it at least three times a day. (Let’s admit none of us do this).

Use a teaspoon o f sunscreen for the face and wait twenty minutes for it to absorb before you step out.

Sunscreen is not a substitute for serum, moisturizer or liquid foundation.

Choosing a good sunscreen is essential as many have ingredients that break down with sun exposure.

I sometimes wonder if sunscreen is essential as many of us in India grew up in a pre sunscreen era.

But with increased exposure to the sun, reduced tree cover in cities and outdoor activities mid afternoon including long commutes it is better to be sun safe then sorry.

If you hate sunscreen and can’t bring yourself to wear it do use an old fashioned umbrella in the sun. In my opinion it’s better than a hat.

Sunburn can continue to fry your skin so cool down your face after sun exposure- a splash of cold water or facial mist should do it .

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  1. coralcrue says:

    i always always carry an umbrella. your article is so very insightful, definitely takes out the worry about what sunscreen is matte and stays put on combination skin like mine. great!! 🙂

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