Sunscreen for hair ? It’s a Yes !

For a hair obsessed nation like ours its a wonder we don’t do more about protecting hair from the sun .

Yes, its not only on the days we are beach bums in Goa but just using sunscreen on hair on a regular day will do wonders for hair texture and protecting hair colour. (And remember hats and caps are going to give you a receding hairline so stick to umbrellas)

A hair blogger said she extended her hair colour touch up by two weeks after using hair sunscreen regularly -enough to convince me to invest in some hair sunscreen research and use.

A sun protect product isn’t only for coloured hair, damaged or ageing hair. This informative article in Teen Vogue will shed some light on hair for all ages

I used Body shop‘s Amalika leave in conditioner which did wonders for my hair when it was going through a rough phase many years ago but then felt it weighed my hair down. But a leave in conditioner will not do unless you have some UV filters as well.

Dryness, brittle hair, split ends, loss of volume can be signs of sun damage so get set for the summer sun with a few sun protectors which can be used daily. For coloured hair also check out Kerastase‘s Micro Voile Protector in the Soliel range.

Please add to the list below. We have to keep up our reputation as Indian women of having the best hair texture in the world.




NB. A natural remedy is coconut oil which has natural sun filters but it is an oil so while its great to soak you hair in it when at the beach and in the sea it doesn’t help if you still want to sport a style. Oil has a way of creeping down your scalp and onto your face -great at the beach but uncomfortable anywhere else.

Hot mustard oil ( yes ‘surprising sarson’) is a fantastic head massage oil and conditioner but the smell can be overpowering making one feel like a piece of fried rohu fish. Yet its worth investing in a post beach mustard oil head and body massage.

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