Lakme Fashion Week Summer /Resort 2015 -Russia via Hyderabad for Neha Agarwal

NehaAgarwal-November 14, 2014-239 (1)

NehaAgarwal-November 14, 2014-332n

Just a sneak preview of what to expect on the Jabong stage at LFW 15 with Hyderabad based Neha Agarwal‘s Russia inspired pieces that work with mull, tussar and pattu silk.

At this time of the year a lot of pictures flood my inbox with designers and their work.

I am not a fashion guru so I pick what strikes my eye.

Neha’s denim blouse looks like an eminently wearable piece with a story.

Russia in the 1900’s is not a new theme in fashion but working it with Indian textiles gives it a modern contemporary feel.

I like the aesthetic that Hyderabad designers bring to their stories – Anand Kabra, Archana Rao (Frou Frou), Sagar Tenali – very different styles but all Hyderabad based.

They are each showing at Mumbai’s Fashion week so a good time to catch them.

I am not sure these designers just happen to be based in Hyderabad or whether there is something of a fashion and design scene in Hyderabad that deserves further exploration. (Jewelry designer Suhanie Pittie is also based in Hyderabad.)

There are so many big name designers this year at LFW that the smaller ones may not get their moment in the sun.

I remember discovering Pankaj & Nidhi, Pero (then Gaba) and Kallol Datta at LFW. And seeing Sabyasachi’s and Rahul Misra’s first shows at LFW many moons ago.

So you never know which young designer will be the next big name 🙂

Look out for Ken Ferns, Ikai, and Arti Vijay Gupta who are showing on the Lakme stage.

I ordered a Ragini Ahuja (Ikai) chanderi and leather dress at LFW last year – it has been my go to dress for all occasions and has attracted comment each time I have worn it.

These young designers are both wearable and experimental.Look for clothes that are clever and witty rather than pretty and red carpet.

And while all the big glamorous action is on the Lakme stage there will be a few gems on the Jabong stage to watch out for.

When it comes to fashion remember you create your own story layered on top of the designer’s story. You don’t need a fashion guru for that ☺

Lakme Fashion Week 18TH – 22ND March
Palladium Hotel

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  1. veengupta says:

    Interesting read on the new designers. Hyderabad is full of skilled workers in all fields of craft. So good handwork for clothes must be the reason for designers to be here.

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