Et Tu Cellulite

vichy celludestock I promise to love and honour my cellulite and orange peel but there are days when the love is strained .

That’s when cunning little products beckon and I succumb. Cellulite in case anyone out there has it is not reversible.

Doctors and dermats will tell you that quite emphatically.

So once it shows up it is likely to show up some more. Everyone has cellulite but we worry about it when it starts showing through the skin surface as striations or dimples or little wobbly bits, which you can feel.

Men, thanks to being more thick skinned don’t show cellulite though cellulite exists in all bodies.

OK no more cellulite 101.

I spotted Vichy’s Cellu Destock at the Vchy counter at Asian Chemist and wondered why Vichy is not pushing this product more.

I was at Vichy’s briefing on their brand plans for 2015 briefing and they had all sorts of skin care products but no Cellu Destock 

Anyway it looked as if had potential (it contains more pure caffeine than other similar products which is the cellulite busting ingredient ) and its product claim that it works on “diet resistant areas” swayed me.

I have used it for seven days now, as that’s the minimum you need to use it to see results.

It’s a green gel like product that tingles when you apply it. Recommended application: twice a day with a massaging action.

The illustrations for use are on the inner carton of the pack so don’t throw it away before reading.

Ok so my cellulite didn’t disappear. But it does seem less visible especially at certain angles and the surface feels smoother.

On the whole I rate this better than Clarins Lift minceur another cellulite buster.

The critical thing with an anti cellulite product is the way it is massaged into the skin as the massaging movement helps break down the cellulite further.

Read my earlier blog Cellulite busters & Tummy tuckers for other products to try .

Price 1690

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  1. Sushi says:

    Well written and credible because its personally researched ! 🙂

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