10 things you may want to know about the new Aqua Di Gio 2015


armani jason jason 2 aqua di profumo skyline

1.Aqua di Gio Profumo s the third version of Armani’s iconic Aqua di Gio for men – the fragrance is so successful that they don’t tinker with it often. This is just the second time in twenty years.

2.A bottle of Aqua di Gio is sold every five seconds somewhere in the world.

3. The new version is less aquatic, more spicy and woodsy with notes of bergamot, rosemary, patchouli, and frankincense. Read- more masculine.

4. The inspiration – the sea hitting the black volcanic rocks of Pantelleria, an island in Sicily, Giorgio Armani’s hometown. In fragrance lingo this indicates an aquatic and mineral accord 🙂

5. Pantelleria is a recurring theme in Armani’s beauty and Fragrance Empire. Crema Nera his fabulously successful skin cream uses the volcanic lava from Pantelleria

6. Frankincense which is the base note of Aqua di Gio Profumo  is also a recurrent theme for Armani – it reminds him of the old churches in his hometown where he attended mass as a child. Bois d’Encens from the  Armani Prive collection is inspired by this memory

7. American Model Jason Morgan is the face of the fragrance. Superlike!

8.”This is a fragrance that will free your soul.” Ok, that’s a marketing line but I liked it

9. The well-known nose  Alberto Morillas has created this juice. The hugely respected Morillas is the man behind Ralph Lauren’s Midnight Romance, Versace’s Yellow Diamonds, Bulgari’s Zanzibar for men and of course, Armani Code and Aqua di Gio Essenza. And that’s just a sampling of his ouvre.

Here’s a factoid  for my Indian readers – he has also created Titan’s Skinn Nude one of the six fragrances launched by Titan last year. I don’t know where they have disappeared. Really, Titan what were you thinking?

10. I liked the classic Aqua di Gio on myself as I like some of the more aquatic, citrusy male fragrances over the sweeter feminine ones. But Aqua di Gio Profumo is definitely the one you want on your man.

Armani fragrances are very popular with Indian men – I think they secretly aspire to be Italian. Whatever the reason they are best sellers here.

Gift this to a man. It is strong and intense but lasts as a woody, smoky, warm scent.

Price Rs 6400 approx.

Available at key fragrance counters .

pix  at the Launch event – XO, Palladium Hotel Mumbai . Credit Geeta’s List.

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