A ‘nutrient dense’ salad makes nutrient sense

nutrient dense

The wisdom of getting health benefits from a salad is to make it complex and nutrient dense so that it can be a balanced, healthy meal and has the additional shot of protein to make it a complete meal. A bit like a Korean rice bowl 🙂

The fact is an ‘only greens’ salad won’t fill you up or give you the anti oxidants you need or the good fats or the protein. And it will make you hungry in a very short time.

On the other hand it is impractical to chomp through a salad at a business lunch especially if you are a klutz like I am. It is equally impractical to carry a salad to work.

When eating ting out it isn’t always possible to ask for dressing on the side and a classic Waldorf or a Caeser can set you back about 300 calories. I heard a young lady at a Subway counter declare she only ate salad at Subway because it was healthy but she loaded it with three dressings. A six inch turkey sub would have had less calories and been healthier.

The best time, an article I read suggested, was to substitute breakfast carbs with a breakfast salad.

Being a toast and egg or cereal breakfaster I found it difficult to wrap my head around this bit I live to tell the tale.

A DIY loaded salad did the trick ( not loaded with dressing )

One punnet ready to eat salad leaves with micro greens (Nature’s Basket)
one teaspoon roasted black and white sesame seeds (calcium fix)
one teaspoon roasted flax seeds (omega 3)
one soft boiled egg (protein- pls eat the yolk)
a fistful of pomegranate (antioxidants)
five toasted almonds slivered ( vitamin E )
five toasted walnuts ( super nut)
a scattering of toasted peanuts (i have no peanut allergy and peanuts are rich in protein)
five big black raisins (fibre,antioxidant)
two cherry tomatoes
two slices of avocado (optional-good fat )
half an apple bite sized pieces (optional)
one tbs extra virgin olive oil drizzled over
salt and pepper taste
Toss gently and leave aside for five minutes. Eat.

PS you can add anything you like and build up your salad with any seasonal fruit, steamed veggies, nuts, berries, protein (chicken, fish), brown rice (if you want a carb fix), amaranth, quinoa.

The textures add so much. Using one standard punnet of greens as a base helps me manage the quantity and size.

Mix and match but try a nutrient dense salad for breakfast and enjoy the change.

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  1. veengupta says:

    Fabulous recipe! A lot of research seems to be behind this. Will try, definitely.

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