A bunch of delicious smelling and sounding beauty products to discover this month .

granny gregs

Granny Gregs popped up on a friend’s Facebook page and looked delicious at first sight.I discovered these natural  balms were created by Bangalore based geneticist Sonia Dhawan. Named after her Scots Grandmother Irene Gregory who taught her about medicinal plants and home remedies, Granny Gregs works on the same principles learned from the real Granny Gregs. The lip balm in the picture is hand made from pure mango butter, rose and wild cardamom. They also have sleep balms, natural butters and essential oils. You can order from or call +9880714405

Pomegranate & Lime 125 gms (Small)

Luxury Ayurveda brand Forest Essentials began business with their signature organic hand made sugar soaps and they continue to keep them pure and organic.Their summer range with Iced Pomegranate and Kerala lime includes a hair cleanser, face wash and shower gel but the soap is my pick.

skin pantry summer

I have written about Colette Austin‘s The Skin Pantry and her delightful beauty adventures in the kitchen cabinet in an earlier blog. She continues the yummiliciousness with a lemon cheesecake skin drench and creme brulee whip amongst other offerings this month. Place your order at


Just Herbs‘  Fruity Firm Skin Radiance cream is packed with fruit vitamins, grapeseed oil and carrot seed oil to give you your daily anti oxidant blast.Just Herbs is one brand that puts its official organic certification up on its website as well as its paraben free and non GMO claims and product classifications. This is a very good practice and I think all beauty brands that make organic and natural claims should have their certifications up.

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