Sea buck thorn – Right here in our backyard

seabuck close

Sea buckthorn berries are up there on the super berry scale along with acai and goji berries, some say they give you even more of immunity building as they have a high concentration of vitamin C, omega 3, 6 ,7 &9 and vitamin E.

seabuck 3

Sea buckthorn is now available as an oil, as a crush or squash, in jams and skin creams. And it has been discovered on Dr Oz. As we have seen the line between what you eat and what you put on your skin is getting a bit blurred.

I always thought sea buckthorn came from Europe, then I heard Canada was doing a lot of stuff with sea buckthorn. My bad.

Sea buckthorn has been known for thousands of years by traditional Tibetan medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda for all these fantastic qualities that the rest of the world has just discovered.

And yes, it grows in plenty in the Himalayas. In fact one specific variety is native only to the Himalayas. Right here in our own backyard. Ok, maybe roof is a better word.

I read on Wiki that the Indian army is served a cocktail of seabuckthorn and other juices to stay fit in the Siachen. I wouldn’t mind trying that mix .

I admit I am ashamed of my ignorance but to my frustration I cannot find the Hindi name for it. If anyone knows the local name please let me know. I heard it was called dukchuk and charma in local mountains but I am not sure if this is a general term for berries or a specific one.

tsering sea buckthorn

A friend discovered Tsering’s sea buckthorn squash at Food Hall at Palladium, Mumbai and we were happy to have a joint tasting session.

It is delicious but a tad sweet. Sea buckthorn is extremely tart very much like passion fruit so it needs sugar to balance it out. Since this is a squash and needs water added you can control how sweet you make it.

Spiti in Himachal’s Lahaul -Spiti region is trying to preserve the traditional medicine and herb knowledge once held by amachis or medicine men .

I am attaching a link to the wonderful story of the folks at Tsering- Spiti who are trying hard to preserve their heritage and natural wealth without damaging the environment or getting caught in rampant profiteering.

They have my full support.

I love the packaging and the taste. Now I am going to hunt for some sea buckthorn cream from the Himalayas.

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  1. Creative Awards says:

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    1. Geeta Rao says:

      Hello prashant how are you ? yes i do remember and I always appreciate your comments on my blog 🙂 my e mail id is and it would be lovely to connect with you daughter

  2. coralcrue says:

    I had no clue that we grew sea buckthorn right here under our own very roof!!! Wow. going to check out your link now

    1. Geeta Rao says:

      yup. i was surpised too

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