Its raining sheet masks @Sephora

sheet masks 3Sheet masks are all the rage now and Korean beauty brands are way ahead on the beauty curve –in about everything skin care but also sheet masks. I think they have patents in all the new skin care categories .

Sheet masks are sheets super saturated with serum and cut to fit your face with considerate holes left for the eyes. Worry not, there are also sheet masks for eyes. The best way to use them is to lie down and let the mask do its work. No rinsing required and some encourage you to add layer of moisturiser to seal in all the serum goodness after you remove the mask. Ideal to use   for 20 mns before you sleep and continue with your night care routine after .

A lot of them use fibre and cellulose for the sheets and are chemical and paraben free.

Sephora is full of sheet masks and they have their own line too. I like their  pomegranate energizing mask

spehora pmegrnt

Most beauty brands even if not Korean get their masks made in Korea though Sephora gets their mask made in Taiwan.

sheet masks 1

Besides the Sephora in house one I picked three others that looked very promising.

All are between USD 5 and 8 dollars (it’s a bit expensive for a single sheet but remember serum is concentrated )

Sephora also has very easy to use sheet eye masks priced at USD 5, which are super for a long flight.

(The face masks would be perfect on long haul flight but may scare fellow passengers if you are not flying biz or first.)

Dr Jart is a well-known Korean brand with interesting niche skin care products in the lab and science area. I think they were one of the pioneers in BB creams.  This mask is hylouronic acid based and super hydrating .Don’t rinse or wash off but continue massaging the face with the serum after you have used the mask as there will be some liquid left over.

dr jart

dr jart backBoscia is a brand from Japanese beauty company FANCL whose approach to beauty is ‘mutenki’ the Japanese term for holistic. Their products are additive and fragrance free and they also have a range of ingestibles.

Boscia has been created for the American market and their products are all preservative and ethanol free. this mask is from their charcoal based line .Charcoal has become extremely popular because it ahs the ability to draw out toxins. In India, Charcoal was used for teeth cleansing until toothpastes took over and charcoal soaps have been popular in the past. The sales girl at Sephora said she swore by this mask and it really does give your face that totally  cleansed feel though not as hydrated as I would have liked.  It is in two parts which is weird at fisrst but very convenient. Its a bit slippery when you take it out of the pack but stays on easily.


bo sha mask backTony Moly, is an eco friendly Korean brand which is very kawai ( cute) in the Japanese mold so expect to see little bunnies and pigs and dolls on some of their other beauty lines and packs. They have a range of natural ingredients in their armory. I picked the rice mask because rice is firming and detoxing .

rice mask

tony moly back

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Alexandra Newman says:

    The pomegranate Sephora is my favorite! While I haven’t tried the Boscis mask, I love the rest of their products for cleansing and exfoliating! Their Konjac sponge = life changing 🙂

    1. Geeta Rao says:

      you know i haven’t tried the konjac sponge because i wasn’t sure if it would be effective. will try it . is it abrasive ?

      1. Alexandra Newman says:

        It softens a great deal after getting wet but it is a little for the first few washes but it loosens and softness a great deal after continued use!

  2. Alexandra Newman says:


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