Eat Some Charcoal

activated charcoal backactivated charcoal

I find it difficult to hail this as a new discovery as it has been around for a long time but Activated charcoal has become famous in the fashionista detox world ever since Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow advocated black lemonade.

There are juice bars in the US offering a bit of charcoal in your kale and spinach juice, (with possibly chia seeds, flax seeds and spirulina for good measure) for a great cleanse.

I discovered later that is called grey juice and is getting popular but it looks awful.

Activated Charcoal has been known in India as an efficient tooth powder (Monkey brand anyone?) until we switched to the more ‘sophisticated ‘white toothpaste. It seems we will have to turn back the clock now. Yes, it is making a comeback in toothpastes too.

I just saw a black toothpowder priced at abut USD 28, which would be roughly Rs. 1500. It may be worth checking out if Monkey brand is still available back home.  (Meswak and Datoon deserve another look too)

The beauty business has been using activated charcoal in masks and scrubs for a while now.

Origins have a hard working charcoal clay mask I have tried and liked. I wrote about Boscia’s black charcoal sheet mask in my last post.

Lush has a super Dark Angels scrub mask that I recommend and upscale charcoal soaps have become the thing to have in the bathroom. MAC has an excellent black volcanic ash mask, which I suppose is also one form of activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal is not to be confused with charcoal that is used in sigrees and barbecues. It is especially treated charcoal from wood baked at high heat to develop an unusual porosity. (Please don’t try ingesting any other charcoal)

In Kerala coconut shells are used to make activated charcoal and this seems the perfect way of recycling every inch of the coconut. No cutting trees and deforesting land☺

This porous character sucks out toxins.

Its ability to do so has made it historically a staple in hospitals when dealing with poisoning cases. And water filters have been using activated charcoal as well.

Now you can ingest activated charcoal pills available at chemists and online and this works on your system just as it did in the good old water filtratation plant- sucks out all the toxins, reduces bloating and bacteria build up.

The instructions are simple- pop two pills between meals three times a day.

Double your water intake as this is very dehydrating and let the ACT charcoal absorbs all the toxins in the system.

By the way AC has no nutritional value but absorbs toxins, bacteria and gasses as it passes through your system. More qualified experts have discussed this online- its called adsorption.

They are in an easy to use capsule form.

I took two capsules three hours after lunch and drank four glasses of water between lunch and dinner as a precaution. Next up my post dinner dose and more water. Lets see how it goes.- will try for a week

Note; please do check all contraindications. Activated charcoal is not recommended if you are pregnant or if taking any other medication or pills

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  1. coralcrue says:

    so interesting. i will wait for your updates after using it.

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