Health Food spotting at Foodhall Palladium, Mumbai

FoodHall has supped its health food stakes since I last visited. I was amazed to see chia seed pudding, fresh buckwheat crepe batter (Suzette‘s in Mumbai makes a good buckwheat crepe with blue cheese and figs and I had a delicious TDF one at Argularium in Portland with blue cheese, argula and bacon) and Greek yoghurt on a recent visit

There are zoodles (zucchini noodles which make a delicious healthy faux pasta.) You can try a chef’s version at The Table drizzled with pine nuts and olive oil. They are now available in carrot and beetroot versions too, which are great for making an easy to eat lunch or office snack. By the way if you invest in a spiralizer you can make these quite quickly at home – Amazon should have a wide choice.

I love the fact that you can pick a pot of Trikaya‘s basil,oregano, rosemary or thyme and start you own herb garden or be like all those chefs on TV who never use pre plucked herbs but only pluck from a pot.

Banana flour is very easy to use in cakes, bakes, puddings and so on. I am sure there are enough recipes from Kerala that incorporate banana flour too. I know they make a porridge for babies in Kerala out of banana flour as it is considered very nutritious. It substitutes maida or wheat flour in most recipes but do check for proportions.Look for Kerala banana flour please not Cavendish !

Pakistan has the best Himalayan pink salt and this is the fashionable salt to have on your table. Posh People like to keep a block on tables to show authenticity like chipping away straight at the Himalayas:) For more normal souls Daana bazaar in Mumbai is a tresaure trove of spices, grains, seeds and salts and worth exploring . You can pick your own seeds and get cold pressed oil in front of your eyes. Re Himalayan salts- they are not iodized so you can’t substitute them for good old Tata namak

Kale chips are air dried and dehydrated so they are oil free or should be in my book. A whole load of brands have flooded the market but I do find them very expensive. Simpler ways to have your kale is juice it or just chop and lightly steam or stir-fry. In salads you can use kale raw but marinate it in an acidic dressing to tenderize it and make it easy to digest.

Wheat grass is no longer new news but I think it works wonders if you have it the right way -cut fresh, no more than seven inches and juiced within three hours of plucking. It is also important that the soil it grows in is managed well. Many years ago someone offered this service in Mumbai – it was plucked fresh from a doctor’s farm in Lonavala at four am and delivered to your doorstep by seven am. I had it for a year and the impact on my immunity, my skin but most on my hair was wonderful. However it was a pain to manage and my frequent moves made it difficult for me to stay connected.

Live healthy but don’t get obsessive is my mantra:)

himlayan salt

kale chips

gluten free raw banana flour

Fresh potted oregano

Healthy Beetroot noodles

wheat grass for juicing

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  1. veengupta says:

    Great article. I learnt a lot about Kale. i did not realise that adding vinegar or lemon juice earlier made it easier to digest. The problem with banana flour for me would be the sugar content. How I love the herbs in my home. The freshness is worth the work.

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