Ruby Woo vs Red Carpet

ruby woo vs red carpet

In the land of reds these are two super reds for Indian skin.

Bobbi Brown’s Red Carpet scores on texture – it glides on effortlessly with a satin matte finish and lasts for at least four hours without needing a touch up.

MAC’S Ruby Woo is the more iconic red but it has such a matte texture that it gets difficult to actually complete the lips in one glide. All you can do is let it go on patchy and then smudge it with your fingers for that hot lip look.

Yet it is a true red and does last once you have wrestled it into place and it does give you that instant diva-fication .

I have always liked MAC’s Russian Red for Indian skin as well as Viva Glam 1 which has a hint of brick/brown but the red is dominant and the look is still contemporary.

I haven’t tried Riri Woo, Ruby Woo’s little sister – the red created by Rihanna which is a less retro red.

There are other reds but pure reds and true reds need a little searching and experimentation. Tip- don’t buy red before trying it on.

Last night I met an editor from Elle magazine who rocked her ox blood lipstick. Not a pure red at all but it looked great.

It was L’Oreal’s Star Red pure series ‘Sonam Kapoor’ i.e.Garnet .

Because my skin has a lot of yellow Garnet I felt would look a little purple- brown on me.

But I really liked Freida Pinto – Pure rouge in the L’Oreal collection, a nice deep red and one that is likely to work on all skin tones.

You can also try Lancôme’s Velour 197 which is a gloss stick but dries off to a full matte texture.

It is difficult to explain what makes the perfect red for Indian skin – there are technical explanations but the best way is to try the lipstick on.

A real pure red will instantly glam you up – you will know it. And thanks to our Indian skin tone it will instantly brighten up your face.

A good red will make your lips look fuller not thinner
Wear it with a clean, gently illuminated face and no other makeup.

A blogger said red lipstick is best worn out of context to create a stunning impression. So True. Skip the black dress and wear you red lipstick with a pink or peach dress next time 🙂

PS The new reds don’t bleed but it doesn’t harm to blot and blot again to seal the colour and prevent ugly fading.

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