Scalp facials, French ‘Boroline’, Studio West & Kanauj roses

nioxin experential


Nioxin offers a whole range of rituals, in salon shampoo and conditioner and leave in tonic for thinning hair and receding hairlines, to create the illusion of thick hair. But unlike hair thickening spray and and shampoos, Nioxin stimulates hair growth.

I tried the scalp facial, which begins with a peppermint- fresh cooling cream that is worked into your scalp and massaged to remove dead cells, clarify and purify it to make way for hair regrowth. All those blocked sebaceous cells get unblocked. Relaxing and soothing followed by a Nioxin shampoo and conditioner. Featured here is the leave in hair tonic that keeps those follicles energised post wash. There is a leave in night cream that you can take home too, to continue the good work .

Nioxin comes from the Wella stable and you can try the scalp faciial and buy the range at all Jean Claude Biguine salons



I can’t think of a better way to describe Avene’s Cicalfate, which takes care of all irritated skin needs. It’s a repair cream but like our own traditional Boroline, the French turn to it for cracked heels, chapped lips, sunburn, insect bites,post aesthetic procedure irritation  and all the usual skin irritants for which you need an- all -in -one. I tried it recently on badly sunburnt skin and it did provide some instant relief.

Great for sensitive skin.

photo (10)


This is a surprisingly good collection at a very accessible price from Westside. I would have expected no less – it is backed by the same team that created India’s iconic brand Lakme which was everyone’s go to brand at one time.

Studio West sent me a hamper to try out and I have done this faithfully for a month. Here’s my take;

the intense kaajal is very good for those who want a thin kaaajal line that can be used in the waterline without a problem. I use it a lot now. It does not smudge or leave you with panda eyes but still gives the kaajal look.

I liked the blush –the texture compared well with other powder blushes. And it does not fade – it has a nice peachy tone, which will work on all Indian skin tones.

The intense liner is a bit like Bobbi Brown’s gel liner. The chubby stick, which looks luscious, didn’t work for me. I prefer a more matte texture and didn’t think it lasted very long.

The packaging could have been better –  black packs are very smart but everyone has them so it is confusing.

This is quite a large range –lipsticks, eye shadow, Fragrances, foundation and compact included but I have just mentioned the ones I have tried.

Overall wonderfully accessible prices and good quality. Definitely worth having on the shelf.

Forest Essential Bandra Store (2)


If you want to stockpile some luxury ayurveda goodies for Diwali then Mumbai‘s new Bandra store is worth a visit just for it s opulence. It looks like a cross between walking into a Ravi Verma gallery, a zenana and a store. See all the FE favorites on display .

forest ess kannauj

Their Sea Salt and Rose body polisher made of roses from Kanauj strikes me as a timely offering –it isn’t a new product but Kanauj has been in the news recently as the UP government has signed an agreement with Grasse in France the place where zillions of flowers are distilled into exquisite French fragrances. Kanauj, known for its world famous rose attar is India’s great perfumery town so it is fitting that the two cities will now be sister cities.

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