#HermesHorseExhibition, #Mumbai

Spent a lovely hour at the Hermes Horse exhibition which celebrates the brand’s long connection with horses as original saddle makers to the french king. You can visit the Hermes museum at Rue Fabourg in Paris but if not a peek into their collection curated by Phillip Dumas is on view at the Mumbai store until 30th Nov.  Entry free .

Lady riding side saddle
Stencil for a scarf design. When Ladies rode side saddle -seems impossible now .
Equestrian inspired couture
Equestrian inspired couture
legend of the marwari horse
Walk through the exhibition with a wooden Marwari horse as centre piece. The Marwari horse was world famous and bred only in India.  Then along came the  British and discouraged their breeding preferring their own thoroughbreds .Good news – now the horse is being bred again in Jodhpur.
hermes marwari horse
Legend has it that the Marwari horse was trained never to leave the battlefield unless it had to carry its wounded master to safety. Remember the story of Maharana Pratap and his horse Chetak from history ?
hermes window red
Window at the Hermes store in Mumbai’s iconic Heritage precinct at Horniman circle
saddlebag inspiring the Birkin
The saddlebag that started it all and inspired the design of the Birkin.
hermes horse head 1
Specially commissioned horse’s heads from Paris. Reminded me of a famous play ‘Eqqus ‘by Peter Shaffer
hermes marwari bag
The 2008 Marwrai bag pays tribute to Jodhpur/Marwar’s rich equestrian tradition. Infinitely lighter than the Birkin! The picture does no justice to its beautiful cplour and detailing. Great day bag to own.
Caleche art wall
The art wall with Images of the Caleche that is now the Hermes logo and Philip Dumas’s black and sketch for a scarf design . By the way his sketch couldn’t be made into a scarf as he left the edges uneven .
Hermes window Mumbai
View of Horniman CIrcle Garden from the store window.

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