#Diwali picks at an Ayurveda Beauty store

I have been meaning to drop in at the Kama store at Mumbai’s Mahalaxmi ever since it opened and I finally got there in time for some Diwali stocking up.

Kama  works in association with the Arya Vaidya sala at Coimbatore and their products are genuinely ayurveda based. I like the fact that they tell you which is 100 percent natural, which is 100 percent organic ( two different things) and has a USDA and Ecocert label. These days the terms ayurveda, organic, pure, natural are used by everyone as labels, but many would not stand up to scrutiny.

My picks :

Kama’s Indigo hair colour and Henna powders are 100 percent natural, organic and certified by USDA and Ecocert. Seems a boon as so many women ask me to recomend a natural hair colour. You have to use both powders together as henna makes your hair soft and shiny and indigo adds the black. I haven’t tried it but I like the  fact there are no chemicals to damage hair .
hair colour kit kamaTurmeric and myrrh skin brightening soap  While the soaps are made with organic virgin coconut oil and natural beeswax I think they may have added stabilisers so they  make a 90 percent natural claim. The soap feels great and without the tight dry  feeling left by ‘not so natural’ soaps. I don’t like gels as I think they can rarely make the natural claim even if they are claiming it so it is good to have a soap i can use on my face as well. .Also available in a sugar & tamarind and red sandalwood variants.   I also liked the Lavanya plant based mask which has blood purifiers and Mridul soap free cleanser made from daals,herbs and cereal to exfoliate and cleanse naturally. But I have left both for another day 🙂 kama soap turmeric geetaslist Jwalini skin re texturising oil  smoothens and softens rough and chapped winter skin .For best results apply and leave in for thirty minutes before washing off. Also see their Muscle tone oil which firms breasts and abdominal muscles. jwalini kamaKumkumadi Tailam is one of ayurveda’s famous facial oils made from sixteen herbs, cow’s milk, ghee and all sorts of secret ingredients. Its star ingredient is saffron and it works wonders in reducing pigmentation, brightening dull skin and rejuvenating  skin. Best used at night though I find it works as a serum under make up in winter. Use sparingly -one to two drops are enough . Check my earlier blog Kumkumadi oil :  ayurveda’s magic potion kumkumadi tailam geetaslistThe store has some pretty cool packs for Diwali  gifting. But what I really liked is that you get a ‘seed bomb’ with your purchase to start your own natural herb garden this Diwali . Mine was tulsi so will be drinking a lot of tulsi tea later this year !

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