Becca : the beauty of Light


At any age and especially in the selfie age , a little  bounce of light on the skin can amp up that dewy fresh look.

At my age, my skin has segued gently into the category euphemistically called ‘mature skin’ so any brand offering luminosity which is not a headlight shine is a pleasure to test.

Becca cosmetics is a leader in light reflection on skin – their Backlight priming filter has a cult following and their collaboration and co -creation Champagne Pop with blogger Jaclyn Hill (eight million followers I think) was last year’s great beauty success story. Stands to reason that I was interested in heading to their Mumbai launch at the St Regis in collaboration with Sephora India. Becca is an indie brand or I should say was, as they have been bought over by Estee Lauder three months ago . I am told Estee will keep them as indie as possible which is good for both. They have a range but primers, concealers and highlighters are their thing . That makes them perfect for hard core selfie takers !



I spoke to Kate Chin make up artist and education manager for South East Asia and here are her tips and my comments for  that get up and glow finish


Start with Backlight Priming Filter  and under eye brightening concealer. Defintely use a brush to blend in the primer.

Follow with Aqualuminous a  pigment based based foundation or if you have oily skin use Ever matte Shine Proof.  There is Ultimate coverage too if you are looking for full coverage but is too heavy in my opinion for daywear even though it is water based. Reminds me of MAC’S Water Weight  (I know foundation is part of the finished look but frankly I would skip this for the day and go for cc cream and it will work well though coverage will be cc cream level.)

Use blush next. Kate used Nightingale which tends to pink on her model but I like Tiger lily which is warmer, for my skin.

Top with pearlescent highlighting Shimmering Skin perfector  in rose gold or opal – bridge of nose, outer cheekbones, and temples or wherever you like the highlights to fall. These are in pressed powder formats but you can also check the liquid crème format like opal cream for an extra dewy finish (dangerous in Mumbai summers but perfect for Delhi winters) . I liked their lip and cheek tints which have soft colours and are water proof for the beach  🙂


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  1. veengupta says:

    Very interesting! I was not aware all these are available here. Must look at them.

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