DS & Durga’s Radio Bombay


It has been nominated in the best indie fragrance category at the New York Fragrance Foundation Awards. ( results out on 7th April ). I haven’t smelled it as yet but the name caught my fancy. Indie or niche fragrances are big and a new tribe of young perfumers is devising interesting and totally off the wall accords to tantalize not just our sense of smell but of art inspired living. Fragrance is approached as wearable art . Or sold through performance art projects. They all have interesting stories because story telling is an integral part of being an independent brand.

DS & Durga run by David Seth Moltz and Kavi Moltz is a Brooklyn based independent parfumerie.  The creators aim to translate music, literature and art into scentscapes that are exclusive and expensive.  They have a counter at Barneys NYC and a retail outlet in Brooklyn. Check their website here https://www.dsanddurga.com/

Radio Bombay intrigued me because it is inspired by the sound of transistors wafting through Bandra. That’s my old neighbourhood. (In a way Bandra is our local Brooklyn)

Check the creative notes from the perfumers-

“Transistor radio hewn of sandalwood radiates ragas in the Bandra heat.  Hot copper tubes warm the soft wood releasing blooms of musk, cream, peach, ambrette, coco, cedar distillates.”  Brought it really close to home.

Now to get to Brooklyn and get myself a bottle!

Price $260 for 100 ml




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