Sleeping Potion

Having trouble sleeping ? Here is a recipe I tried recently for a good night’s sleep from The Green Cleanse Bible. It isn’t green but it is simple, delicious and surprisingly soporific.

green cleanse 4

I tbsp oats

I tsp honey

I cup chamomile tea – make tea and cool down separately then add to blender

I whole banana chopped

Blend and drink. The recipe suggested ice cubes too which I skipped but added a little more water  and chilled it in the fridge instead.

I used a chamomile – lavender tea bag, which added a nice touch with honey.

green cleanse 3

But if I make it again which I plan to, I will skip the honey and add a dash of cinnamon and cardamom both of which are inherently sweet and calming.

Sounds like nothing much but it was amazingly soporific. Had it an hour before bed and slept like a baby.

green cleanse 2

PS  I was gifted The Green Cleanse Bible recently and it is an amazing collection of information, recipes and nutritional information, diet plans, cleansing plans, detox plans energy boosting plans for kids, healthy family smoothies, beauty smoothies and much more. The book surprisingly doesn’t seem to have an authors’ note but Karen Inge and Luisa Adam are qualified  dietitians and nutritionists so I assume they are qualified to say what they say in the book. Am still browsing the book so more when I am done .


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