#Hand #Masks for softer, smoother hands

hand masks

Sephora‘s range of hand masks makes moisturising hands easier and much more convenient. No icky, gloopy lotion staining sofa covers or book pages or blurring phone screens – yes, been there, done that. Like face masks, hand masks deliver  an intense burst of moisture and nourishment in pre- moisturised sheets. Unlike face masks which tend to be soak through, hand masks have an outer glove so they stay relatively dry.

It is  a wonderful easy to use  pamper treatment without needing the privacy a face mask does in case you’ve had the experience of scaring off little kids and grown adults with a face mask on especially Estee Lauder‘s ultra cool foil encased one.  (love it )

Like sheet face masks the Korean beauty brands got there first. As they have with lip masks, foot masks and eye masks. 

I like Sephora’s affordable face masks especially the Linghozi and Rose masks so I gravitated naturally to their hand masks which I spotted at the counter recently.  I got the Aloe vera and Avocado masks  (they also have  anti ageing Argan ) but have only tried the  avocado hand mask so far .

My hands tend to get dry and nails a bit brittle so this was a super mid week pick me up for my hands . It is  recommended you keep it on for fifteen minutes but I kept the gloves on for an entire episode of Big Little Lies and my hands aren’t complaining. Fifteen to twenty minutes works fine too.

I recommend a hand mask, whichever brand you choose in your go- to care package. If you want to boost the intensity pre -apply hand butter and then slip on the gloves. Blissfully pampered hands !


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