Ready for a #Laser Face Lift ?

‘The trend started with Botox and fillers and now is moving more towards non- invasive methods.’ Dr Abhijit Desai 

Laser facial rejuvenation or  The Laser Facial is one of the fastest growing non- intervention, non- surgical cosmetic procedures for women and men in their late thirties to early seventies. At a basic level, Laser facials work on the principle of using intense light to stimulate collagen repair and production, which is responsible for skin firmness and elasticity. Of course you cannot expect the result of a laser lift to be the same as that of a surgical lift or a thread lift but hey, no scalpels, injections or anaesthesia.

Early generation laser machines were not designed for Indian skin which is a type 4/5 classification and often caused side effects like burning and pigmentation. (Sadly some fly by night operators still use old machines and advertise laser facials, so buyer beware)

For an expert view I spoke to Dr Abhijit Desai a well known Mumbai cosmetic dermatologist and skin expert. He is someone I have known and quoted often in articles in the past and he is the right person to shed some light ( yes, the laser kind) on the issue.


There is a belief that Indian women tend to be more conservative when it comes to cosmetic intervention but data on growth of cosmetic clinics suggests otherwise – what is your own experience ? 

The Indian population is very conservative when it comes to surgical cosmetic intervention.  But they are comfortable with the non -invasive non -surgical options. This is a world wide trend because of the downtime and complication involved in surgical procedures

We don’t wrinkle as fast as Caucasian women but we do get jowls and double chins earlier don’t we – What are the signs of ageing typical of Indian skin ?

Our being dark skinned is a boon.  It is our dark skin which delays our wrinkles as compared to the Caucasian population.

The signs of ageing  to watch out for are –

Fat atrophy with soft tissue redistribution (mid face loss of volume)

Loss of elasticity

Sunspots, uneven pigmentation, lentigens.

Wrinkles and fine lines

What is the most sought after treatment or problem to be fixed ?

Facial rejuvenation is the most sought after treatment anywhere in the world including India. This involves improvement in wrinkles, jowls, laugh lines, peri oral lines (around the mouth ) and under eye area.

What is the difference between a laser lift and a surgical lift ? 

A Laser face lift is completely non surgical. There is no anaesthesia, no injections. It completely acts on the principle of stimulation of body’s own natural collagen. It’s completely safe. There is no downtime, complication or infection post procedure unlike a surgery.
What is the difference between a 3 D photo rejuvenation laser lift and a 4 D lift ? Are there specific brands of machines ?

The Technique we use is patented by Fotona laser. As far as our Fotona 3D and 4D laser face lift is concerned it means use of three modalities or four modalities using two laser wavelengths. However various other laser brands can have treatments using similar names.

You have been doing this (4 D rejuvenation) for a year – how has Indian skin responded to this? For whom/what problem would you recommend this the most . 

The Indian skin has responded very well to this treatment as the wavelengths we use are absolutely safe for Indian skin type. This is recommended for people in the age group of late thirties to up to 70 for tightening of skin, improvement in the nasolabial fold (laugh lines), wrinkles, improvement in the tear trough (under eye), jowls, angle of the mouth and better definition of lips. Results typically last for up to two years . You will have four to five sessions spaced out over six months. The collagen keeps building up in between .

Unlike places like say, Thailand which is a big centre for cosmetic procedures, doctors and salons here  tend to be very casual about sun warnings, post laser and peels and patients themselves are careless – what do you reccommend or have things changed re sun care ? 

Generally  non-medical centres are always a bit casual about the sun care after procedures. We are very particular in explaining  after care to our patients and stress the importance of sun protection with a use of good sunscreen as our patients are of dark skin type. Awareness regarding sun care is definitely on the rise and patients are very interested in knowing about the right sunscreen to use.

How often should one see a cosmetic surgeon/dermatologist/ aesthetican and at what age should one start ? 

It’s very important to take any advise regarding your skin care from qualified dermatologist and not from non- medical aestheticians. It’s also very important to start a good regimen for skin care with medical products advised by the doctor early in life so as to delay signs of early ageing. There is actually no age for good skin care. One can start as early as teenage years for good skin care with the use of right products advised by your dermatologist rather than use of highly advertised cosmetic products.

Reach Dr Desai at  : SKIN SENSE , MUMBAI 022-24362889, 9920977940

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