Stocking up for summer


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Ananda the mountian spa has relaunched  its spa and wellness range in new packaging. I have tried their products in an earlier avatar but if I were to choose one product from this new offering it would be the juniper, grapefruit and cypress body oil   for cellulite and lymphatic drainage .  Of course it works best if you are up there in the mountains getting an Ananda massage to go along with it .

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Love this new MAC foundation . Studio Fix tends to make my face too yellow while Waterweight makes it a tad ashy – at least I think so. Next to Nothing has a pinkish mix in the yellow so it gives the face a nice healthy  glow. And it lasts quite long – going with it for the summer !

photo 1 (4)

There has been a lot in the press about J&J ‘s talcum powder and law suits against the company. Some of it had to do with the  harmful nature of talc which can be carcinogenic if it has asbestos mixed in . Since it is better to err on the side of caution it is better not to use talc based products but natural alternatives to talc .  For those who love a dusting of ‘talcum’ powder in summer, Forest Essential‘s Silken Dusting Powder is made of a mix of arrowroot powder, oatmeal and cornstarch to create a smooth powder  and organic kokum butter, olive oil and rose essential oil for fragrance and moisture.  All safe and natural.

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Titan’ s Skinn fragrances are now available in easy to carry purse packs  at Titan showrooms. A good retail move I say !

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