Fab India: The #Indigo collection

Every year Fab India launches an Indigo collection that sells out. Or at least the best pieces sell out very fast. I personally think everyone should have one indigo dyed fabric in his or her cupboard. If you can get personally to the source even better but if not Fab India’s natural dye collection created with traditional techniques and artists is a good alternative. Why indigo?  Is it because the colour and feel of naturally dyed indigo is different?  Or is it because the natural dye just suits our skin tones? Or perhaps it is that indigo is deeply rooted into our history and nationalist consciousness? It’s a combination of all these reasons that I love indigo.

Fab India, for me goes, back to the days when I timed flights out of Delhi to make it to the Fab India store at GK 2 because the Delhi girls had created a lovely fashion statement out of its offerings and Mumbai seemed a bit deprived. Of course we got our own Fab India store soon after but it was still a small group of folks who were Fab India people. Then Fab India got bigger and bigger and now has many clones and imitators. But before revivalism became a buzzword they were doing their bit to preserve old printing and dyeing traditions.

Fab India has worked with natural indigo and printing techniques like ajrakh, shiboritie and dye, batik and kalamkari – yes, this gives us all a chance to Google our own rich tradition of printing and dyeing. Each of these techniques has a history that requires individual blogs and some of the processes are quite mind-boggling.  (Shibori is a Japanese tie and dye technique, which is currently very popular.)

I am attaching a link to a blog I read which tells you about looking for natural indigo in India  https://naturaldyepot.wordpress.com/2014/12/13/searching-for-natural-indigo-in-india/

Another test of natural indigo dye I read is that it will sometimes get a greenish tinge as it absorbs other colours while synthetic indigo will always stay in the blue and purplish range.  Kama ayurveda has a natural hair colour kit with indigo as it is believed indigo dyes hair back to black.

Back to FI’s Indigo collection – The motifs are inspired by the architecture of the Mysore Palace and historical sites of Srirangapatana, outside Mysore.  I like the less fussy pieces myself  – the men’s kurta on a white pyjama works perfectly for me  but  this style below looks as if it will be super comfortable and easy to wear .


7 Fabindia_Indigo collection_4 (1)

images courtesy Fab India

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