Sunscreen and Moisturiser ? Or Sunscreen as moisturiser ? Or Moisturiser as Sunscreen ?



In this age of hybrids here are two products that I liked though they  are not technically hybrids.  Kama Ayurveda‘s natural sunscreen is paraben and SLS free and is non nano – ie little particles will not penetrate through the skin  into your blood stream or even work at the cellular level. It promises a non chemical touch to the skin. The sunscreen ingredient is zinc oxide which is now being called out as the safest of sunscreen ingredients – it is mineral based.  This has essential oils of lime, ( antiseptic)   ginger ( anti inflammatory) and nutmeg (soothing ) which makes it more emollient than other zinc oxide based sunscreens .  The Kama folks suggest it can be used as a moisturiser as well. It actually can – I find I can use this and finish with my compact instead of adding moisturiser or foundation to the mix.  As I said it  is non -nano so it doesn’t get absorbed into the sub dermal layers which is a good thing but as we know from the old days, zinc oxide does tend to sit on t he skin so you need to give it time to get absorbed off the top layer and you may sweat a bit as the skin adjusts,  but hang in there. The end result is just fine. If  we don’t want tiny little particles that we aren’t sure of  entering our blood streams or sending our hormones for a toss, then a little white residue and patience is worth it. Kama offers both UVA and UVB protection and SPF21 – perfectly adequate for daily use.  I would use a stronger SPF for hiking and mountain climbing though  🙂



I needed a convenient moisturiser in a travel size when in London recently and this one unexpectedly proved a winner. I regret not having bought a larger tube but as I said I was looking for a size to go into my littlest handbag. I found this at the Baker Street local Boots. Sanctuary spa at Covent Garden used to be a go- to spa in London and they spun off a product line based in their popular spa treatments which they still retail at Boots though the spa has shut down . Radiance Illuminating Moisturiser worked well under my foundation to keep my skin looking radiant (it has optical illuminators – a boon when travelling) and is light and easy to blend. Sanctuary’s products are paraben free, vegan, polyethylene bead free (yes, plastic  micro beads are really bad for skin though in the nineties we thought they  were really good )  It has Shea butter, pink pomelo, kadaku , Vitamin E and A on its list of ingredients which all sound yummy and good but it is  not a 100% natural or organic range as far as I can tell.  It is super light and Foundation glides on effortlessly. It  is easy to build up coverage with this base.  It has SPF 15 which also makes it good for daily wear. While this has an adequate SPF for Indian skin and daily wear I do top it with an SPF based light coverage foundation . Yes I know layering SPF doesn’t make it more SPF but in my head it feels nicer to add another layer 🙂




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  1. Protima Rodrigues says:

    Hi what are your thoughts on Soundarya by Forest Essentials as a Moisturiser cum Sunscreen?


    1. Geeta Rao says:

      Hi Protima I like Saundarya day cream -gold is a good anti inflammatory and it has an adequate SPF . I like FE products but i did find this a little heavy for me as a day cream for everyday use .

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