AMAI : vegan, raw, nutty and on Scootsy !



AMAI‘s Truffle Dates with peanut butter and sea salt just hit our collective sweet spot- texture play, a balance of sweet and savoury,  and rich dark chocolate adding up to a  delicious 5 pm desk or post- work out snack. The problem is you can’t stop at one date even though you know you have hit your permissible calorie limit with one.

AMAI which means sweet experience in Japanese is hotelier and Masaba Muse  Aishwarya Nair Mathew‘s raw, gluten free, preservative free, sugar free, dairy free range of desserts and savoury snacks. Aishwarya is also a sommelier of note – her lists have been featured in Wine Spectator but that is the subject of another blog.

I had a tasting session with three foodies to share  the goodies I was sent since  vegan and gluten free is not calorie free, though I wish it were.  The ginger and lime cheescake scored high on our list -very delicately flavoured and light . We also liked the matcha green tea cake though matcha is a bit of an acquired taste felt one of our foodies. If chocolate is your thing then the Triple Ganache chocolate parfait is the one for you.  AMAI uses nut milks , cashews and coconut instead of dairy so don’t expect the rich dairy milk taste we are so used to. It’s ‘raw’ – most of it, which means chilling and setting rather rather than baking or cooking.

Of late, desserts served at dinners and events I have gone to have been  the vegan, gluten free kind so AMAI is good to have on your list when you are  hosting a party next .

There are savouries too – baked miso chips and chia seed wafers which are wonderful evening snacks and good to carry around . I saw lotus seed/makhana snacks  on the FB page so I am sure the range keeps getting added onto .

The good news  is that you can order on Scootsy though they need a day’s advance notice to fulfill your order.  Do keep desserts refrigerated .

Check out AMAI’s FB page for the latest  updates.


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